25/09/2017 04:58 BST | Updated 25/09/2017 05:01 BST

I Want Everyone To Be Comfortable In Their Skin, Whatever Their Race, Gender Or Sexuality


Hey, I'm Sonny, nice to meet you!

So a little bit about me: big hair, in your face-style and daily opinions on just about anything are what others might say about me.

However, mostly that's just a platform for the thing I like to talk about the most - body positivity and personal empowerment. I believe and want everyone to be comfortable in their own skin, whatever your gender, race or sexuality.

I like to be direct and get to know the people I speak with everyday on my socials. My followers mean the world to me and I feel it's my responsibility to give them hope, I want them to see that someone normal like me can follow their dreams. This is what drives me... You don't have to be body perfect, you can have stretch marks and still win. If a normal girl like me can be all over Times Square, you can do it as well!

I'm 19 years-old and other than modelling, uni is at the centre of my world. I'm studying sociology, a topic that means as much to me as anything else in my life.

sonny turner

I'm originally from the Midlands and now based in London. I love this city most days but sometimes it can be too big, too fast and too much. I'm more the 'girl next door' with attitude than the fashion type, out every night. I do love fashion though, and who doesn't love a bit of make-up and, to complete the set, my hair speaks for itself and can take some taming sometimes?

The last year has been a bit mental at times, I've been lucky enough to land a few global campaigns which have sent me across the globe as far as Cuba and New York. At the heart of everything is my education, each of us is shaped by the choices that we make in life but the choices that we are given, the opportunities that we have access to, are shaped by much larger forces. I like to study those forces as I know everything happens for a reason.


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