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10 Facts No One Told Me About Pregnancy and Childbirth


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My body went through so many changes while I was pregnant with my twins, and 2 years after, my body is not quite how it use to be before I got pregnant, and now I doubt it would ever go back to how it use to be pre-pregnancy. There are so many changes that do take place during pregnancy and after child-birth, these pregnancy books and websites do not tell us about all of them, but then again, I guess they can only talk about what they have heard about. Here are some real life experiences, no one told me about:

  1. No one told me my stomach may never be the way it use to be. If you were previously blessed with a flat, toned stomach, pregnancy may kiss it goodbye. Forget these celebs that still work around with flat abs, after popping out babies, they are in a completely different world!
  2. No one told me most of the hair on my head, I thought was growing beautifully throughout my pregnancy, would fall off a couple of weeks after child-birth. I knew the natural, thick and healthy long hair was too good to be true, but no one told me I would lose most of them!
  3. No one told me how cold I would feel after giving birth. I was boiling all through my pregnancy, I gave birth in November and while every other person started dressing warm, it felt like I had a central heating system in my body. I didn't have the heating on all through my pregnancy, and I went about in light tops, but as soon as I gave birth, all I felt was the chill.
  4. No one told me, all I would want to do is sleep after child-birth, and that is exactly what I couldn't do because my babies kept me up all through the day and night. While pregnant I could not sleep, no matter how tired I was, I just could not get comfortable, and it became worse towards the end of my pregnancy. I remember being awake all night clocking, listening to the radio, and cursing my husband for snoring so loudly. It was not pleasant.
  5. No one told me it will be IMPOSSIBLE to breast feed MY twins. I didn't buy any formula milk, because I was determined to breast feed my twins exclusively for the first 6 months. and the pregnancy books told me I could. Now that I think about it, I laugh out loud at the thought of breast feeding exclusively. That didn't happen and thank God the hospital had enough milk for us.
  6. No one told me I would still have the pregnancy mask, also known as Melasma, two years after pregnancy. I am yet to get my skin tone back, and it has been a major worry for me. I thought the whole hyperpigmetation would completely disappear just as it appeared but I am still at it.
  7. No one told me how strong my love would be for my babies. I love them more than life itself.
  8. No one told me how strong I would be. I carried my babies to term, had an elective c-section, and recovered immediately. No illness or bed rest before or after my pregnancy. I didn't even have to see my GP all through my pregnancy and after.
  9. No one told me how much sweat would be released from my body as soon as my babies were born. The first 24 hours after child-birth had me sweating and soaking every top I wore. Guess my body had a lot to get rid off, whatever it was.
  10. Finally, no one told me how difficult my stay at the hospital would be, I had little or no help for the 5 days I had to stay at the hospital. My bedding was changed by my family members, I had to make my own toast, and I had no help at night (when I needed it the most) with my two babies screaming down the hospital.

These are some of the facts no one warned me about. I now know no pregnancy is this same, our bodies react differently, and the baby books and websites can only educate you on what they know.

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