14/11/2016 06:42 GMT | Updated 14/11/2017 05:12 GMT

My Unpolitical Political View

Up until this year, rather naively politics wasn't something that had my full attention. If you said politics to me, I would go straight to pop politics like how Atomic Kitten invited Kerry Katona back to the Big Reunion instead of Jenny Frost (who was there until the bitter end). Or, it would be how one of my best friends got together with one of our other friend's ex. These were the day to day politics that I was dealing with.

I blame the Kardashians. Not you, Khloe. I watch that show; I understand the dramas going on in their world and I can fully form an opinion on the situation. It's all me, my selfie and I nowadays isn't it?

However, with politics I really struggle. I feel like I came to the (political) party late. By that, I mean I feel like I am trying to scramble for all the knowledge at once.

I am not being flippant I was across Brexit (but it didn't all make sense). I voted Remain because to me it was the right vote. I was across the presidential election (but it didn't all make sense). I would have voted Hillary but I am not American (which I've always felt like I was destined to be) and it past years, I was all over the legalisation of gay marriage because I want to marry a man called John and now I legally can - except he has to realise I'm The One. (I'll save that story for another day).

I wish politics had been taught from infancy. Maybe, outcomes would have been different. It's a whole other language to me and we all know that those who are taught extra languages from primary school are now bilingual and it comes easy to them. I wish I had that with politics.

It is so interesting and it is so important but it is so vast - and when the topic comes up I feel so stupid.

I'm also smart enough to realise that part of this political world is common sense. Going back to Brexit, for example, I am smart enough to realise that not everyone who voted Leave is a racist (where I grew up was a Leave town - and I know not all of these people are racist) but I don't know the politic reasons some people voted Leave and I would really love to know.

I was worried about writing this because of how uncertain I sometimes am with politics and so I may have phrased something in the wrong way - but I wanted to write this because I don't think I am alone in not fully understanding what is happening in the politic world, who is who and who does what. I think we are often made to feel that we should just know. Or if you tune in to the news or countless BBC documentaries, you are expected to already have a certain amount of knowledge but I don't have it. Politics wasn't a big dinner table conversation growing up (Neighbours was!).

With everything happening in the world at the moment, I think it is really important that we are kinder to each other, that we take the time to try and understand each other. I've got a feeling we could have a tricky few years ahead.

I woke up the day Trump was elected and was a bit theatrical to be honest. I was like "well that's it, I may as well give up on my hopes and dreams". That attitude was ridiculous. We might have spent too much time watching reality TV and becoming obsessed with the Snapchats about ourselves but what if now we all unite, we all encourage each other, offer advice, hold a door open, fight for what's right and push each other to our dreams - this world could still be amazing right?

If nothing else, this seems a much better idea than all the apocalyptic statuses I've been seeing on Facebook.