25/01/2017 08:36 GMT | Updated 26/01/2018 05:12 GMT

President Trump's Plans To Ban Refugees Are Inhumane

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Millions of people who support refugees and asylum seekers in Britain and elsewhere will be utterly appalled by President Trump's plans to close the door to people fleeing war and persecution.

By signing executive orders to place even a temporary ban on refugees in the middle of the worst refugee crisis on record, the human cost of Trump's cruel and misguided plans would be huge.

For the families who are expecting to be resettled in America, today's news will be causing untold uncertainty and worry.

Any restriction on the numbers of refugees being resettled in the US will leave tens of thousands more people struggling to survive in camps and on the borders of conflict zones.

The US has been a world leader in offering sanctuary to refugees. In 2015, 64% of refugees resettled through the UNHCR's global resettlement programme were given the opportunity to rebuild their lives in America - that's 52,683 out of a total of 81,893 worldwide.

Trump's plans could have a huge impact on global resettlement system as US funding underpins the entire infrastructure of the programme. The UK should step up and increase its commitment to resettlement.

Restricting routes to safety for people fleeing some of the world's most dangerous conflicts and terror in the Middle East and Africa based on their religious beliefs is inhumane.

Trump's policy is also based on a lie. Contrary to his claims, refugees resettled to the US already undergo an incredibly rigorous vetting process that can take up to two years.

Resettlement offers people who have fled unimaginable horrors, the chance to rebuild their lives in peace and safety.

Today we feel proud that Britain takes the opposite view to Trump; we welcome refugees from around the world who need our protection.

The UK Government must uphold its commitments to refugees, including plans to resettle 20,000 Syrians by 2020, and build on them.

We cannot let these policies of fear spread. Turning our backs on some of the world's most vulnerable people will only play into the hands of fanatics whose warped ideology feeds on division.

Now is the time to stand together against this hate and stand steadfast in our compassion and support for those forced to flee terror and conflict.

In 2016, Refugee Action supported 1,200 refugees to rebuild their lives in Britain.