Refugee Action

Three in four people seeking asylum have been left in limbo for more than half a year, forced to live on £5.66 a day.
Heartbreaking photographs show the Kurdish-Iranian family who paid smugglers for safe passage in the hope of a better life.
We are just months from Britain's resettlement scheme closing, yet the Home Secretary has given no indication what we are willing to give refugees who need our help. Without a rapid decision, the resettlement of refugees in the UK will virtually end over the next year.
The vast majority of Brits want the government to do the right thing, but the sad truth is the UK frequently fails them
New research reveals a surge in the length of time it takes to decide asylum applications.
I am stigmatised and not allowed to integrate into British society because of my immigration status
Today is the second anniversary of probably the biggest decision in UK refugee policy in more than a decade. The then Prime Minister David Cameron announced on 7 September 2015 that the UK would welcome 20,000 Syrians before 2020.
The Government must take urgent action to ensure that no-one is left hungry or homeless. People who have lost everything have the right to support and must be able to rebuild their lives with dignity.
We're asking the Government to ensure that all refugees have the opportunity to learn English so that they can start to rebuild their lives and fulfil their potential. This isn't a handout - it's an investment in Britain's future.
We cannot let these policies of fear spread. Turning our backs on some of the world's most vulnerable people will only play into the hands of fanatics whose warped ideology feeds on division. Now is the time to stand together against this hate and stand steadfast in our compassion and support for those forced to flee terror and conflict.