04/11/2014 07:56 GMT | Updated 03/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Hypnotherapists Changing Lives

Over the last week I have become inspired and enthused about the power of clinical hypnosis. Yes, I have worked in this field for many years but I can be forgiven for my cynicism about the industry as a whole, given that anyone can set up and label themselves with the title of 'Hypnotherapist'.


Cowboys in my opinion do exist in the hypnotherapy industry so it is always important to check out the hypnotherapist's qualifications, experience and results if you are ever interested in working with one to achieve your own goal. On a mega positive note, this week I heard about several success stories where hypnosis and hypnotherapy have helped change people's lives for the better. I was particularly enthused watching a video where Hypnotherapist Dan Regan treated Kate for confidence issues. Seeing her report how she now feels so much more confident was fabulous. Kate laughs as she reports how she still feels hypnosis is some kind of voodoo magic, but how it has made a massive difference to her life.

I then hear about Clinical Hypnotherapist Fiona Robinson who helped Johanna Palmer ditch a stone of weight in just 7 weeks, and Hypnotherapist Robert Phoenix, a specialist stop smoking expert, who used hypnosis to help one of his clients kick a long term smoking habit. Such stories with inspiring results instil so much confidence, and reaffirm that hypnosis and hypnotherapy isn't some airy fairy load of old nonsense, and that it can be used to help people change their lives for the better.

But I do encourage you to ensure all of your questions are answered before you agree to work with a Hypnotherapist and part with your hard earned cash. It is essential you do your research first so that you work with the best and are therefore more likely to achieve the result you deserve.

Some common questions and answers about hypnotherapy

1. Will I lose control? Never. You are always in control in a hypnotherapy session.

2. How much does it cost? Prices vary but the best will charge at least £70.00 per session.

3. How do I know the Hypnotherapist is legitimate? Ask to see their qualifications, check they are a member of a professional body, ask to see their insurance cover and if in doubt ask to speak to some of their former clients.

4. Will I just fall asleep? Possibly, however a skilled practitioner will help ensure you don't just nod off in the chair!

5. Do GP's endorse hypnotherapy? More and more do. The British Medical Association do recognise hypnotherapy.

6. How do I spot the best Hypnotherapists? The best are never cheap. They often sell products, write articles or books and will have a number of success stories published. They also demonstrate empathy, and engaging communication skills.

7. How many sessions of hypnotherapy will I need? It depends upon your condition but the average number is between 3 and 6 sessions.

8. What are the warning signs of a cowboy hypnotherapist? If they have no insurance I would steer clear, and if they have little training do the same. If they appear unprofessional, lacking in knowledge, have no previous results to share with you, work in an unprofessional environment and are not registered with a professional body then be concerned.

If you are desperate for support to achieve a personal goal and achieving that goal means your mind needs to be 'reset' then I would encourage you to explore hypnotherapy. But remember, you can never be too choosy on who you decide to work with. Take your time and select wisely because this is your life. Yes, seek out the very best so that you feel confident, have a sense of trust, and are already convinced it will work before you attend your first session.