25/02/2015 06:31 GMT | Updated 25/04/2015 06:59 BST

Cheap and Tacky Hypnotherapists May Wreck Your Health

If your mindset needs support then the last thing I recommend you do is to go for the cheapest. Of course there may be exceptions to the rule, but in my book cheap often means incompetent, tacky, desperate and dangerous.

As last week progressed I became more aware of the shocking reality of many Hypnotherapy professionals who I would define as cheap, tacky and dangerous. I use the word 'professionals' loosely because I warn you that many are so useless that I wouldn't pay them in washers. Imagine the day you are looking for support to get your mind fixed, only to find a tidal wave of Hypnotherapists claiming they can help you; you probably wouldn't know where to start and I am not surprised. I find far too many Hypnotherapists are so desperate to make ends meet that they are becoming cheap and tacky, offering what they claim to be is an effective treatment to help change your life. My warning to you is - TREAD CAREFULLY! Do not rush into selecting a Hypnotherapist to work with. You deserve a result, and trust me, there are far too many charlatans out there claiming that they can help.


But of course let me balance this with the good news that there are those out there that have class, a history of delivering outstanding results for their clients, and a price tag that shouts - THIS ONE MUST BE GOOD! If your mindset needs support then the last thing I recommend you do is to go for the cheapest. Of course there may be exceptions to the rule, but in my book cheap often means incompetent, tacky, desperate and dangerous. Yes, you read that right. There are Hypnotherapists out there that have not a clue when it comes to driving a result for their client, and will apply text book therapy to your problem, potentially making you feel a lot worse.

Of course Hypnotherapy can help you manage your anxiety, inflate your confidence, boost your public speaking skills, get you to quit smoking, overcome exam nerves, lose weight, and overcome panic attacks to name a few, and it is a treatment you may want to consider. But in find a practitioner one should be wary, especially as it is an unregulated industry with many who have deep entrenched problems themselves. Yes, it is an all too frequent occurrence for those requiring therapy themselves to train to become a therapist in their own right. Goodness knows how they are then let loose to practice on the vulnerable public.

Cheap & Tacky Hypnotherapists - What To Look Out For

1. Their price is so low, usually because they are desperate. Why are they so desperate you may ask? Well probably because they are so useless they don't bring a reputation of delivering inspiring results for their clients. Always dig deep and find out what real results they have delivered for clients as many can talk a good game but they deliver little.

2. They may have no website or the one they have is about as inspiring as thick grey clouds in the sky on a day when you are looking to grab a tan. Quite frankly their creativity is pretty non existent which is why they may rarely deliver results for clients. If your hunch is that their website looks uninspiring and lacks evidence of success, I would recommend you do another search.

3. They will tell you they can treat you before you've explained your problem. The cheap and tacky brigade are often so eager to get clients that they may well tell you they can help before you've even opened your mouth. That's because they are most likely wondering how fat your wallet is.

4. The emphasis might be on academic clap trap rather than your result. I often find that the useless will blind you with academic science because they have read the books but can't deliver results. Often they are completely incompetent when it comes to helping you get the result you want because they cannot apply what they have learnt in the classroom.

5. They often look tacky. Because they are cheap, the tacky Hypnotherapist may well look like a 70's reject who loves wearing socks and sandals. Yes image will guide you. Always look for a professional, stylish look as they are the ones that normally know what they are doing, and you will probably be much more inspired.

Working with a clients mind requires a competent professional. I therefore urge you to tread carefully and search deeply. You've been warned.