Ten Techniques to Drive Supreme Self-Esteem

If you arebecause your self esteem and confidence is low then look no further as I share with youthat will help you feel better about yourself, and help you to.

If you are struggling with your weight because your self esteem and confidence is low then look no further as I share with you ten Supreme Self Esteem techniques that will help you feel better about yourself, and help you to rely less on food for comfort.

So many people struggle with emotional eating because their self esteem is low. In this article I will help you take back the control over your self esteem and support you to elevate it so that you feel better about yourself.

1. Perceive Yourself As A Valuable Product

From this moment, begin recognising yourself as a valuable product in your own right and not one that is in the marked down bin. Try changing your perception in this way each day, and be mindful of how much better it makes you feel.

2. Walk Taller

Changes to your body language will help. Start walking taller and affirm that you are a winner and someone who embraces their inner champion. Do this at every opportunity and as you do so, smile as you recognise the positive transformation taking place.

3. Increase Empowering Conversations

Start increasing the amount of empowering conversations you have with yourself. Mentally talk yourself brilliant and let go of any negative infiltrating thought process.

4. Become Constructively Selfish

Start putting yourself first. Stop feeling guilty for saying 'no' to other people. This is your life and you are fully entitled to live it the way you want.

5. Let Go Of The Past

The past can affect us and if you are holding onto events of the past that affected you negatively, then I want you to give yourself permission to let them go today. It's ok to draw a line and move on. Make the decision to do this today, take a deep breath and move forward feeling free from negative past issues.

6. Exercise More

The endorphin release of exercise helps us to improve the way we feel about ourselves. This doesn't mean you have to join the gym. Simply walk more, play more, and enjoy time out with friends and family walking in the countryside.

7. Dissociate Low Self Esteem Mentally

Think of a colour that represents your low self esteem. As you breathe out, mentally imagine letting go of the low self esteem. Then imagine a colour that represents positive self esteem. As you breathe in, imagine a large helping of positive self esteem drifting into your mind.

8. Enhance Your Circle Of Friends

Go out of your way to spend time with positive people who stretch your mind and make you feel good about yourself. In other words hang out with the radiators as opposed to those who drain you.

9. Accept Fallibility

It's fine not to be perfect! Accept today that you are fallible and so is everyone else. Doing this will release pressure on you to be perfect. Making mistakes is cool. We learn from them.

10. Use Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnosis is a great tool to help increase your self belief, self confidence and self esteem. Consult a registered Hypnotherapist and work with them to bring in the self esteem you desire.

With your self esteem heightened you will rely much less on food for comfort. Treat yourself to a large portion of it and enjoy seeing the excess weight go south.