25/06/2015 07:57 BST | Updated 24/06/2016 06:59 BST

Seven Ways to Get Your Mind Over the Platter

Weight loss is a battle of the mind for many. Restricted diets often fail because the mind struggles to take back control over food long term. It is only when your mindset and motivation are in the right place that weight loss becomes more sustainable. Taking an authoritarian mindset and motivational approach to food control can help you begin to feel more optimistic about losing the unwanted weight. Check out the 'mind over platter' techniques to help program your mind so that when it comes to food you are the boss and food becomes your servant. I recommend you select three techniques that will work for you best.


1. Talk to the food

Ok it may sound a little strange but the more you mentally look at food and remind it that you are the gaffer of it the better. Do this as it teases you, letting it know that you will decide if you eat it, and no matter how much it delivers temptation you are the one that is in control as food no longer controls your life. This process will help to condition your mind unconsciously as you embed the suggestion that you are once again firmly in the driving seat.

2. Recognise the consequences of fat

Be mentally aware of eating too much and becoming too fat. Remind yourself that fat can cause cancer, stroke, and heart disease as well as preventing from doing all the things in life you want to do where being slim and healthy is of importance. In other words create an aversion to being unhealthily fat so that you are motivated to live in the land of slim.

3. Visit the wardrobe daily

Every day pop and visit your wardrobe, touching and feeling the clothes you want to fit into. As you explore your closet, mentally remind yourself that you are in control of food and are massively motivated to move forward to eat less and eat better. There is nothing more motivating than mingling with the clothes that you know one day will be worn on your back.

4. Strategically place warning signs

Place strong authoritarian warning signs in danger zone. Place them in the kitchen, at work, and in the car as well as any other places you may be tempted to snack such as the bedroom. These signs will help to hypnotise your mind into regaining control over food.

5. Chat yourself up

As you go about your daily routine be sure to have mentally empowering conversations with yourself. Tell yourself that you are delighted to be in control of food and that you are its boss. Affirm this in conversation with yourself several times a day so that your unconscious mind embeds the command that you are firmly and successfully in control of food. Remember, you are what you think so be careful what you tell yourself as you might just become it!

6. Hypnotise yourself

Book a session with a Clinical Hypnotherapist and get them to teach you the art of self hypnosis for weight loss. A good Hypnotherapist is skilled at coaching you to create a focused concentration so that you can program your mind to take control over food as well as elevating your motivation to stay on track. Ensure the Hypnotherapist is suitably trained, has experience in teaching self hypnosis, and works with weight loss clients so that they are able to understand your specific needs.

7. Get angry and get even

If you are angry with what food has done to you then let it out! In a safe place speak out your anger and dissociate the emotion attached to eating too much junk food. Once you have released the anger, affirm that you are now mentally calm and have regained a healthy control over food.

My motto is that there is always a way. Start today and enjoy the final result. Can you do it? Of course you can!