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Why Most Therapists Need a Good Wash

The exciting news is that as the profession progresses there are hundreds of polished therapists setting up. The best often don't use the word 'therapist' because they find it to be a dull, uninspiring, and an outdated label.

You can be forgiven for immediately assuming I am referring to personal hygiene and for some I am. However, time has confirmed my opinion that many also need their own mind rinsing. Not only have I met many therapists who could not inspire the thirsty to drink water, but I have also met some who are so messed up that they need to see a shrink themselves before attempting to help vulnerable members of the public. In this Blog I share with you several real scenarios that will have your eyes become as wide as your largest saucers. Yet again it makes one realise that the world of therapy needs a good shake up, and a large arrow to the exit door for those who are evidently lacking in capability, and being comfortable with themselves.

Scenario 1: Fat therapist explains they can lose weight with a fat client

The soap box was well and truly out when I heard this comment some time ago. As I listened to a fat therapist discussing their weight loss work (not sure if they were busy at all to be honest), I suddenly heard them explain that being fat themselves was probably a good thing as they could lose weight with their client. Yes, you are hearing me right! Shocking I know! But I suspect there is a lot of that about especially from those therapists who are obviously obese, and become instantly defensive when you mention the word 'FAT'. To think they believe that they can be fat themselves and use a desperate member of the paying public to help them to lose weight is beyond me. If you are looking for weight loss support be warned! Ask the therapist for a current photograph, and if they are more rotund than you I would personally leg it!

Scenario 2: Bargain basement shockers

Please don't get me wrong; there are some therapists out there who are cheap but offer a great service. However trust me, I have met too many over the last few months who are cheap because they are ineffective. What's more is that they are often so cheap because they are desperate for your business. I recall meeting one therapist who was so desperate for clients (probably because they were useless), that they were even considering introducing a buy one get one free offer. If you come across the ultra-cheap please check them out, because you will probably find you will definitely want to tell them to BOGOF.

Scenario 3: The talking books

You have probably met some of these yourself. There are so many of them out there because quite often they are incapable of having any personality (in fact they don't really have one), and practical skills. Meeting one who recently talked to me like a never ending talking text book was of course a great solution for insomnia, but for any other treatment I think not. This is a real problem for the therapy world. So many love to swallow the text book and then consistently spout it because they are unable to apply any of what they learnt in the classroom. My recommendation if you are paying for therapy is to first of all ask them how therapy works. If you hear words that are riddled with text book speak simply tell them that they are fired.

Scenario 4: Therapists needing therapy

You would be amazed at the amount of messed up therapists out there. Two months ago one therapist explained to me how they were clinically depressed with intense social phobia. And yes, you have guessed right. They were treating clients with these conditions. In my book that is fraud. A vulnerable member of the public being taken on by a therapist who is so messed up themselves. Dangerous stuff. So, when you enquire about therapy remember to ask the question 'are you also suffering with my problem?' If they answer 'yes' or stumble on their words then move on.

Scenario 5: Untrained and untidy

Self styling therapists are certainly out there! You have to remember that anyone can set up as a therapist. Yes, there are of course many professional organisations that represent those that are supposedly qualified but the reality is that anyone can label themselves as a therapist. But what is equally worrying is that there are those who practice in chaos. Over the last ten years I have seen and heard more than once how a client receiving therapy was sitting in a smelly armchair. Remember check out how a therapist is qualified and what kind of environment they practice in.

There Is Hope

The exciting news is that as the profession progresses there are hundreds of polished therapists setting up. The best often don't use the word 'therapist' because they find it to be a dull, uninspiring, and an outdated label. Every week I meet more and more of these shining stars who do amazing work for their clients. They are vibrant, practical, and full of professional determination to help the vulnerable public attain a result. Yes, things can only get better. But for now, there is still much work to be done.