23/10/2014 13:06 BST | Updated 23/12/2014 05:59 GMT

They Despise You - And Sometimes They Don't Bother to Hide It

For too long now we have seen the self-appointed elite insulting you, the working people who are the bedrock of the economy, paying taxes and working 40 hours a week. You fund the government through your hard work, yet we see disgusting behaviour from the elitists who treat you like second class citizens. And sometimes they don't even bother to hide their contempt.

Take Matthew Parris for example. He treated the people of Clacton with utter disdain. He suggested that the Tories should give up on Clacton. He's behind the times, the Tories gave up on Clacton, and many towns like it, a long time ago.

Take Bill Oddie. Somebody, please take him. Last week he was on the BBC putting forward the view that working people should be 'contained', and that there should be a restriction on the number of children that British people have. I won't be able to watch Springwatch again without recalling his odious views.

And it's not only household names who hold this kind of view.

I was at a debate in Manchester last week. One of my opponents was a former economic adviser to the European Commission called Phillippe Legrain. He shocked me when he said 'White British people won't wipe the arses of people in hospital'.

Many people - of all backgrounds - work very hard for the NHS and this is an insult to everyone in the NHS. Mr Legrain, your attitude disgusts me.

This is why I joined UKIP. The political class in this country are not in it to serve you. They are not in it to give back to their country. They are not in it to improve life for the ordinary hardworking people of this country.

No. They believe that they have a right to rule, and they think that anything they do to stay in power is alright.

I believe that you, the people of this country, are the people who count. And I call on you to be counted. In the scout huts and the working mens' clubs and the schools, wherever a polling station is set up. If you live in Rochester & Strood, you will have an opportunity to make your voice heard on 20 November.

Wherever you are, and whenever the chance comes, I beg you to take it. If you have never voted before, please start now. If you have always voted, I thank you. We have to seize back democracy. But we need your help.

Are you with us?