06/05/2015 13:36 BST | Updated 06/05/2016 06:59 BST

Ten Reasons to Vote Ukip

So this is it. We're on the eve of the most important general election in a generation. An election that will decide whether we stick with the two legacy parties that have failed us time and time again or try a fresh approach to politics with Ukip. So I'm writing to give you 10 reasons to vote Ukip tomorrow and give a new politics a chance.

1. Ukip would raise the personal allowance to a minimum of 13,000, taking the minimum wage out of tax all together. We are the only party promising this as we're the only party truly for the hard working people in this country, who deserve to keep more of the money they work hard for.

2. We would scrap the divisive and horrible policy that is the bedroom tax. It has affected millions of people, their already low income and there is no place for it in Ukip's vision for the future.

3. We would put 12billion into the NHS over the course of the next parliament and finally put an end to the Labour and Tory politicisation of our health service. This means we can invest in 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more doctors and 2,000 more midwives. We are the only party that will scrap hospital car parking charges the unfair tax on the vulnerable.

4. It's time to reform immigration, that's why Ukip would take back control of our borders meaning we can implement a fair and ethical points based system. This would mean we can decide who does and doesn't come into our country, accepting the skills we need and stopping the discrimination against people from non EU countries.

5. We will introduce a flexible state pension, meaning you can take a slightly lower state pension so you can retire at 65 even as the state pension age increases. This gives elderly people more flexibility with their lives and so can choose when they want to retire and not be told when they can afford to by the state.

6. On housing, we promise a brownfield revolution to help build a million homes by 2020 and ease the problem of the housing crisis. We will do this by firstly protecting the green belt giving grants to redevelopment of brownfield and no stamp duty on those houses up to £250,000. Right to buy is a good idea but needs to be there for British nationals, that's why Ukip would restrict the scheme to British nationals only and money will be reinvested in affordable housing.

7. On transport we'd scrap the white elephant vanity project that is HS2. It's a politically driven project for which there is no business case, while it will blight our countryside. We would also end road tolls wherever possible, ensure speed cameras are used to improve road safety not just for revenue and oppose 'pay as you go' road charging schemes.

8. On fishing we would withdraw from the common fisheries policy, meaning we can introduce a 12mile limit for UK fisherman and a 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone under UK control, as is our right under international law. This means we can return £2.5billion a year in fish sales to the UK economy and support our industry for future generations.

9. We will be strict with foreign criminals by first of all preventing them who try to come into the country and then deport criminals who commit crimes here. We will also scrap our 'opt in' to the European arrest warrant and uphold 'innocent until proven guilty'. While also taking a zero-tolerance approach to 'cultural' practises such as FGM (female genital mutilation) and prosecute all cases of adult sexual behaviour with minors. A strong justice country for a safer country.

10. The 10th reason is that only Ukip MP's will stand up for the English against the SNP. The Tories and Labour have already proven they'll bow down to their demands. Only by electing Ukip MP's can we try and implement these policies and only Ukip MP's will ensure we get a fast, free and fair referendum on our membership on the European Union.

So tomorrow, try a new type of politics and vote Ukip.