01/02/2016 10:25 GMT | Updated 30/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Making 2016 the Year of Selfie-Love

Heading near a gym at the start of a new year could actually be putting your health in danger. January gym bunnies are so keen on getting inside they will mow you down in their cars or flatten you with their brand new fancy gym bags.

Because as we all know January is the month you eat healthier, exercise more and generally change yourself.

There is nothing wrong with eating nourishing food and jogging or weightlifting to feel strong, or because you simply enjoy it.

But sometimes, sadly, people try and 'improve' themselves even though the process makes them miserable.

Miserable in the sense that they eat food they don't actually like.

Miserable because they end up feeling pressured in to going to exercise classes they hate.

Or so, so, miserable that their whole life is taken over by trying to change themselves - regardless of the impact it is going to have on their happiness.

I often tell my one-year-old daughter that she is the 'most beautiful girl' in the world. I am speaking the absolute truth. And I hope she grows up believing it.

More realistically I want her to like herself and love her tiny feet (that may well grow) and shiny (but wild) hair and her perfect eyes.

Since having my daughter I am happier with the way I look - most of the time. Having a baby has made me appreciate my body and feel more confident. Something I didn't expect.

Having previously obsessed about losing weight; my ears always prick up when I hear stories about eating disorders on the news.

Because of this interest I know that there are fears about selfies fuelling eating disorders. Though this is concerning, I think in the majority of situations selfies should be hailed as a positive thing for body confidence!

A Selfie in it's purest form is somebody taking a photo of themselves when they are satisfied with the way they look. They are then shared with the world; usually via Instagram.

On the subject of social media, in recent days I have seen on Facebook women being encouraged to share photos of themselves when they feel their most 'beautiful and sexy'. This is being referred to as the 'I'm beautiful the way I am CHALLENGE'.

Wouldn't the first months of a new year be fresh and joyful if we all challenged ourselves to love our bodies?

So let's make February 2016 the month we do it!

I would love it if you could share this post on your social media platform of choice alongside a selfie of yourself where you feel happy with the way you look.

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