25/11/2015 05:50 GMT | Updated 24/11/2016 05:12 GMT

Is it Time to Go on a Pre-Christmas LBD Diet?


Because if you do it is likely you will be dieting after Christmas, then dieting to fit into your bikini and then dieting for Christmas again. Or possibly just dieting forevermore. And god-forbid if you've got a wedding dress to fit into or pre-pregnancy jeans.

To me it seems we live in a society where losing three stone is given more praise and adulation than getting a degree, securing a fantastic job, or running a marathon. Than having a baby or getting married or buying a house.

Sadly now women are being made to feel like freaks if they aren't trying to 'drop a dress size' regardless of what their height or weight is.


Facebook and Instagram are photo based and image obsessed. Online newspaper websites (you know the one I mean) congratulate 'celebrities' on their weight-loss as if they have discovered a cure for cancer.

Obviously you have the big branded diets, the stone dropping, kilogram crunching, big hitters of the day and then the bog standard calorie counting, treadmill pounding and the like. There are just too many bandwagons to get on.

When females talk about a new diet it starts along the lines of:

Girl 1: 'I am doing the eat three oranges a day diet.'

Girl 2: 'Wow I have heard about that, how much weight have you lost?'

Girl 1: 'Seven pounds.'

Girl 2: 'That sounds so good I am definitely going to try it. I was doing the drink two glasses of milk a day diet, it worked for a bit but now I need to try something else. I need to lose weight before Christmas.'

Girl 1 and Girl 2 in my experience tend to be beautiful, healthy, clever girls that get sucked up into the never-ending, exhausting dieting loop.

It is honestly refreshing to meet people that don't give a damn about dieting these days. But I truly understand how and why people get dragged into it. Because I have been sucked in before and it is bloody hard to get out again.

I've weighed myself after eating one mint, and been to the gym every single day for weeks on end. And I have had a minor panic attack because somebody put semi skimmed milk in my coffee when it was crucial I had skimmed.

Sadly these examples aren't even the tip of the iceberg.

But I am delving back to these dark times to prove a point. If I can bring myself to this happy stage where I don't look at the calories in things and exercise for fun, you can too.

I am not saying eat crap and sit on the sofa all day, unless you want to. Then of course that is your prerogative. Just please don't start dieting pre-Christmas because you think are missing out on something - you aren't.

Believe me. You will have a lot more fun and much less stress this festive season if you ditch the diet and embrace how beautiful you look in your LBD right now!

Image: Sam Emmens