29/09/2014 09:48 BST | Updated 27/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Is the Night-Life No Life for a Lady?

As ladies across the land check their make-up, lash-on their lashes, shoe-on their highest heels and head out for a Saturday night, stop and think - what are you actually going out for?

I get asked a lot why I still go to nightclubs even though I'm 35 and attached. Er, for the music, of course. I've never been one to view a night out as anything other than a chance to experience a vibe, and get excited about musical trends and the ongoing expansion of dance music, in its many forms.

Yet there is still a misconception that nightclubs are all two-for-one shots, meaningless encounters and bad behaviour. Well, that depends where you go, I suppose.

On the other side of the booth, how many female DJs and promoters do you see? The answer is... not many. Yet there are plenty of females with a variety of vinyl and a passion for putting on eclectic nights and bringing a crowd of people together for something quite special indeed.

I can DJ a little but decided early on to mix my love of music with my love of writing to create nightlife reviews website Two year's down the line I've figured out which nights, and venues, bring out the best vibe. But I've only met one female promoter (who works with her other half); however, I've been lucky enough to meet some very talented female DJs who sometimes struggle to get bookings.

Luckily, the tide is turning. I've been doing some producing/listings for GoodVibe and Da Girls, a radio show on Voice FM in Southampton, and I've been to a few of their nights.

GoodVibe and Da Girls are also taking part in the Big Chill Bar Female DJs showcase in London until tomorrow - seven nights, 51 DJs and a chance to get the capital music bigwigs to find out what female DJs from all over the UK can do. They will also be gracing the decks at various freshers' events in Southampton.

Lisa and her girls rotate 20-minute sets to ensure a wide spectrum of underground styles, mixed in with competitions, curveball tracks, interviews, listings and gossip from clubland.

51 was an ambitious week-long project and a great success. 51 DJs, 5 days, one aim - to bring the nightlife industry into the 21st century, gender-wise.

There have of course been the odd female superstar DJ like Sonique and, on radio, females are well represented. It's in behind decks in the dark, crowded, bass-filled rooms of a provincial nightclub that you won't find many females, especially those specialising in drum n bass, electro or the harder end of the house spectrum. But why not? And why not more female promoters?

It can be a little aggressive, I admit - I've had a fair few spats in the past few years with slippery promoters who promise the world but will then disappear when the bills need paying. But on the flip-side, I've met some of the most passionate, talented and down-to-earth people around.

I've always been a bit of a night owl and, while my days on the dancefloor may be numbered, I sincerely hope lots of females go into music production, promoting and club reviews. It's all about the music, after all - not your gender.