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Owners face huge bills despite no money coming in, and staff have months of uncertainty ahead. Closures would devastate the community – permanently.
It is on the dance floor at night, or at a festival during the day that we fall in love, make friends that can last a lifetime, or share that special moment that becomes part of our psychological and emotional vernacular and a tapestry of the kind of world we want to see all together.
Your cheap and cheerful boozy night out just got greener.
Your cheap and cheerful boozy night out just got greener.   Read more on Sourced by HuffPost
Last month I got to deliver a lunchtime talk to staff at Cardiff University about the change in attitudes to alcohol amongst young people. I find this topic fascinating because having spent 10 years working in the field of drug and alcohol addiction before starting my own business I'm noticing how much has changed in relation to alcohol.