11/02/2015 09:45 GMT | Updated 12/04/2015 06:59 BST

The Four Reasons Caring Professions Should Stay Away From Business (And the One Reason They Shouldn't)

When talking with other birth professionals about how they can grow their business', I frequently notice the passion poured into their work, far outweighs the profits taken out. Alongside how common the same self-limiting beliefs prevent amazing women (I tend to work with women) from stepping up to be viewed as the valuable specialists they are.

These restrictive barriers come up far too frequently:

1. It feels wrong to talk about business and birth together

Whatever caring profession you're in, discussing the business element of what you do in terms of profit, loss, pricing, how much you're paying yourself, marketing can feel a bit corporate. And you left that world to do what you love and you love working with women and their families...

Truth Bomb: Unless you are fortunate to not have to worry about supporting yourself or your family. Being able to talk about your worth, your value, ROI (return on investment) and how much money is left over after all of your budgeting and unexpected outgoings is a vital part of business. You have to get comfortable with this, for your hard work to equate to something more than an expensive hobby.

2. Everyone should have access to the skills you provide, you don't want to stop people from accessing your services by charging too much

Some women feel as though their work is their calling and to deny anyone that could benefit from their time, skills or knowledge is wrong. I refer you back to your first truth bomb. If you are in the position where you do not need to concern yourself with monthly bills, mortgages, clubs and school trips, and daily living expenses in general, this is absolutely fine. If you do read on.

Truth Bomb: When you choose to value your time and your skill set, other people value it too. When you understand and charge your worth, you are in a far better physical (you're able to rest when needed) and emotional position (you're not totally drained by working long hours) to give back. So when you choose to work with people for free or at a discounted rate, you feel energized and upbeat, rather than drained and depleted.

3. We don't like to talk about money

It's partly a cultural thing. To talk about women and babies in terms of how much money you earn feels a bit crass. We are here to serve. Alongside that, in the baby business world lots of practitioners consider themselves to be spiritual, in one way or another. By talking about your profession as a business which is inextricably linked to how much money you're making, feels far from spiritual.

Truth Bomb: How much money you receive has nothing to do with how spiritual you are. Or whether you're perceived as good, bad or even a greedy person. How much money you have or earn is directly related to your own relationship with income and how comfortable you feel with money.

4. I don't want to come across like a hard-nosed bitch.

No one wants to look like a money grabbing, aggressive bitch and by talking about your business goals and aspirations overtly, there is a fear that you'll come across like 'that woman'. The vision my business partner and I have for The Calm Birth School is to change the way women view birth. Some will view this as arrogant, over confident and a bit above our station.

Truth bomb: It's okay to dream big. You don't need to make other people wrong to make yourself right. Confidence doesn't need to equate to arrogance and quiet aspirations don't have to mean keeping your mouth shut. There are no valid reasons to shy away from grand visions. Step into your purpose and own who you are.

Even if you disagree with every single truth bomb listed. The one reason making all of the arguments for any caring professional staying away from business a load of crap is simple.

People need you.

Whether you want to work with ten or ten thousand women a year, it doesn't matter. The same principles apply. Embrace your voice and message and the unique way that only you can serve your audience so you can do what you were born to do. Choosing anything other than living your purpose is doing every one of those ten or ten thousand women you are supposed to serve a dis-service. They need to be able to find you and hear you. You have to give yourself the space, knowledge and seek out the right support to help you step into your value, charge your worth and own your business.

The interesting thing is we get massively hung up on the money side of business, which prevents us from creating what we dream of. The best small business' understand how they can serve their potential clients most effectively, whilst recognizing the importance of looking after themselves practically and emotionally. It is only then you can show the world that you really mean business.

Suzy Ashworth is a pregnancy coach and business mentor. Suzy is Co-Founder of the world's first video based hypnobirthing school The Calm Birth School and works with coaching clients internationally. For more information on how you too can turn your passion into profits please visit