20/12/2013 06:01 GMT | Updated 18/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Dealing With Divorce Stress During Christmas


How do I survive The Festive Season?


Video & Tips to enter 2014 with increased calm and confidence


How easy is it to give the time and effort necessary to release anxiety and stress during the busy and emotionally charged Festive Season?

Unrealistic expectations during the Festive Season only compound the emotional roller coaster at this time of year.

How on earth can you find joy, release anxiety or survive Christmas - when strong emotions are battling against each other?

In this interview by Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller, EFT practitioner Susan Cowe Miller offers tips and resources which give you a psychological advantage.  Using Susan's guidance you will be taking charge of your future, gently but powerfully.


With increasing confidence you can expect:

  • revitalised vigour to move forward into the new year

  • emotional calm and clarity which encourages your belief system to see, touch and hear your goals and expectations



Top Tips to help you thrive in 2014


  •  Be kinder to yourself.  You do deserve it!  Recognise and release unrealistic expectations and false hope

  • Silence your inner critic.  Negative beliefs are powerful.  Try to recognise self -sabotage and banish it: choose a couple of words to silence the unhealthy inner voice and send it on its way

  • Heart Math breathing and EFT give remarkable  and speedy release from debilitating emotions e.g. anxiety, panic  attack, anger


Want to know how to use basic EFT for yourself?


Have a look at the video below or visit my website at for  free resources and information.


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