11/08/2014 07:55 BST | Updated 10/10/2014 06:59 BST

The Countdown to My Fate Sealed in an Envelope

So, the infamous results day is coming up and nerves are rife and unavoidable.

Just like everyone else, I'm going through the standard results day countdown emotions - questioning if I wrote in blue ink instead of black, if I even did the right paper, if I knew what I was doing in the exam, making plans B, C, D and E if results day doesn't go to plan. I've even got to the extent of plotting a plan to call up UCAS to trick them into telling me my results!

Even though, adults probably look at us and are thinking "They're young and don't know a thing about life or what real worries are" The truth is, Results Day is 'make or break' - not that it's going to be the end of your life! But, it does decide how your future is going to be - if you're going to be near home or moving to another country... or if you're going to university at all.

Plus, the numerous clearing adverts all over the place aren't actually helping - I know they're all in good intention it's actually increasing the likelihood of me having a panic attack if I'm honest!

It may sound bad, but a part of me is looking forward to Results Day... the gathering of everyone with their tanned skin from holidays, briefly catching up, the nerves and anticipation when the teacher hands you the sealed envelope, the reluctancy of opening it there and then or taking it home and hiding it for the next couple of hours (and contemplating burning it and pretending it doesn't exist... happen to anyone else? Probably that's just me then...)

If there's anything I've taken on board during this countdown to Results Day is that whatever happens will happen for a reason. All of the people that had to retake the year and couldn't go to university all benefitted from it and learnt some life lessons - one of my friends realised how she needed to be more focused at school and changed her attitude completely, someone else got a huge reality check that they weren't as good as they kept bragging they were and finally got an attitude adjustment and another found their real calling from their gap year.

Whatever happens this Results Day, just make the best of it and keep looking forward onto the future.

Best of luck to everyone this Thursday!