01/12/2014 07:27 GMT | Updated 30/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Tried and Tested, Valmont Facial for Men, the Dorchester Spa

Dalton Wong is one of the UK's leading health and fitness experts. Dalton started his career in rehabilitation at a leading health clinic on Harley Street. He now trains A-list actors specifically to transform their bodies for roles, and has worked closely with the leading experts in the field for over 18 years. The Spa Spy packed him off to The Dorchester to test the new Valmont Facial for Men...

This is 2014 and it's standard that men are becoming much more aware of male grooming. Men spend hundreds of pounds on gym memberships, supplements and clothing but some neglect what everybody notices - the face. Along with eyes and teeth one of the first things we notice when we meet somebody is their skin. Most men work hard exercising and eating well often for health and vanity reasons - in recent years male grooming has become essential part of the premium vanity package. These days we don't have to raid our partner's cosmetic cupboard - there's an abundance of products and treatments just for us.

I've tried many facials in the past and it's been pretty much the same procedure as it would be for a female clientele. The main difference with some male grooming spa menus is that they swap the natural aromatherapy products for musky scented creams and potions. I guess this swap is supposed to make us feel more masculine - in reality it can be somewhat overbearing.

Step forward Valmont! As an owner of a bespoke gym, and big fan of personal service - I really appreciated the 5 min chat where my lovely therapist described what was going to happen for the next 90 minutes - I felt my skin was in capable hands. The 90 min treatment was going to be tailored around my specific needs and issues. The first 30 minutes was a foot, leg and back massage - a pressure point treatment that made me totally relaxed - to the point that the table, cosy duvet and me became one.

The facial began with a deep inhalation - apparently men tend to be more congested than women so Valmont have trained their therapists in specific techniques to help open up the nasal pathways. The facial uses massage techniques with specific creams, lightly scented (not overbearing!) with natural herbs. The facial massage is a new addition to their treatments, as my therapist informed me that males need more specific work on their face than the ladies. I was warned that the collagen mask may tingle when applied, but it wasn't uncomfortable at all - in fact coupled with the amazing head and scalp massage it was very enjoyable.

The treatment ended with a skin analysis and recommendations of products and lifestyle modifications that might help remedy any skin problems.

After the treatment I was shown to the spa's relaxation area to enjoy coconut water and biscuits. The tranquil area has relaxing ambience with comfy sofas and papers and magazines to peruse. I had a little of the coconut water as my therapist recommended to keep well hydrated. I avoided the tempting biscuits - I should have reminded my therapist that sugar causes inflammation which would not be ideal after all her hard work!

Facials are just like any other regime - like massages or going to the gym - they should be taken on a regular basis. Why spend all your time getting fitter and healthier while neglecting your skin. I'm sold on this one - not only did my skin feel clearer but I felt totally chilled out. I'm going to make it a regular part of my wellbeing regime in 2015!

The Deal: Valmont Mens Facial 60 Minutes £165

Words: Dalton Wong