25/07/2014 12:37 BST | Updated 24/09/2014 06:59 BST

Recipe of the Week: Pan-fried Scallops With Zucchini, Plum Tomatoes, Chilli, Parsley and Capers

This is a easy recipe and very Summery. Make sure you use fresh scallops for this dish as the ones in the tubs are not good enough for such simplicity.

Scallops are sweet so the capers work really well with the tomato and chilli. Make sure you cook the courgettes enough so the flavour is concentrated and not watery. Always use a hot pan so the scallop cooks very quickly and doesn't boil in the pan. I always mix the oil on to the Scallops before you cook them so they don't stick and the pan is so hot if you added oil to it it would burn giving the subtle Scallop a burnt oil flavour. Have a great week!


Serves two as a starter

4 large scallops (removed from their shell)

2 medium sized courgettes (cut in to match sticks)

2 peeled fresh plum tomatoes (finely chopped)

1tsp of miniature capers

1tsp of chopped flat leaf parsley

4 leaves of basil

1 sliced red chilli

1 clove of garlic finely sliced

3tbsp of olive oil


In a hot sauce pan add the olive oil and the garlic. Cook for one minute then add the courgettes and a sprinkle of sea salt. Cook for five minutes so the courgettes become soft and have a little colour. Add the plum tomatoes and some fresh basil. Lower the heat and cook for a further five minutes so the tomato reduces and thickens.

Mix the scallops in a bowl with salt pepper and olive oil so the are completely covered. Heat a frying pan so it is really hot. Add the scallops to the hot pan so they get a crust then turn over.

Cook for one minute and remove the pan from the heat. Add a dash of olive oil the chopped parsley capers and red chilli.

Spoon the courgettes and tomato on to a plate then place the scallops on top with the chilli capers and parsley on each scallop. Try this with a glass of Greco di Tufo.