16/08/2013 12:23 BST | Updated 16/10/2013 06:12 BST

Recipe for the Weekend: Tagliatelle With Spinach, Parmesan and Summer Truffle

This is a really good way to use spinach in a pasta dish. The cream and egg yolks and parmesan make it rich but the spinach adds great texture and flavour. The shavings of summer truffle make it even more delicious but are not essential. Try this with a simple glass of a Valpolicella and have a lovely weekend!

Ingredients - serves two

250g tagliatelle

300g of fresh spinach leaves (blanched in boiling salted water and lightly squeezed)

2 egg yolks

1 small clove of garlic (finely sliced)

75g of grated parmesan

40 g of fresh summer truffle

100ml of double cream


In a large non stick frying pan heat the double cream and add the garlic. Cook for about two mins. In a small bowl beat the egg yolks so they are liquid then add them to the hot cream and mix together very quickly off the heat. Chop the spinach roughly and add to the cream and egg yolks. Leave to one side off the heat.

Cook the tagliatelle in a pot of boiling salted water. When the tagliatelle is al dente remove from the pot and add the pasta to the frying pan with the cream egg yolks and spinach and return to the heat.

Take a few tblsp of pasta water and add it to the frying pan. Start tossing the pasta and add the Parmesan so it melts in with the creamy sauce. Check the seasoning and serve with shavings of summer truffle.