13/09/2013 12:53 BST | Updated 13/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Recipe for the Weekend: Red Mullet Tagliarini

Red mullet is the most delicious fish and using it this way is a great way to show how sweet and juicy it can be. The bay leaf goes really well with the tomato and the texture of the fine tagliarini with the chunks of red mullet is wonderful!

Try this with a glass of Barbera D'Asti - it should be a perfect match because the acidity in the wine will complement the tomato, bay leaf and sweetness of the red mullet. Have a good weekend!

Ingredients - serves two

250g of tagliarini

400g tomato passata

2 x red mullet filleted and pin boned

1 clove of garlic

5 fresh bay leaves (middle stem removed)

1 tblsp of chopped flat leaf parsley

2 tblsp of olive oil

1 tsp of course sea salt


In a pestle and mortar, pound the bay leaves to a fine dust. Then add the garlic and sea salt and pound to a paste.

In a saute pan, heat the olive oil then add the crushed garlic and bay leaf paste. Cook for I minute then add the tomato passata. Reduce by half and season. Take the red mullet fillets and cut them into 2cm pieces (make sure there are no bones or scales) and scatter them on top of the hot tomato sauce cook for one minute with a lid on top.

In a pot of boiling salted water cook the tagliarini for two to three minutess then remove with a pair of tongs or a basket but don't use a colander. Add the pasta to the tomato and red mullet and 3-4 tblsps of pasta water. Toss together and add the chopped parsley and a dash of good olive oil. Check the seasoning and serve in hot bowls.