14/11/2013 09:04 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Forty and Fabulous: Mature Mums on the Rise

Since starting my maternity occasion wear label 10 years ago, I am naturally attuned to all things 'pregnancy'. I love hearing celebrity announcements that they're 'expecting', I enjoy following seasonal fashion trends and I also like to keep an eye on what's going on in the marketplace. Recently some stats were released showing that the number of new mums in their 40s is on the rise, with numbers increasing fourfold in the last 30 years. Surprising to some, but it's certainly a change I've also noticed over recent years. Whilst Tiffany Rose is still popular with women in their 20s and early 30s, we've definitely seen a rise in new mums-to-be in their 40s who are buying our maternity dresses.

I imagine that the rise is attributed to both hopefully the opportunities and pressures of 21st century life - whether wanting to focus on career progression, financial stability, a chance to travel the world or simply to wait until they have found the perfect partner to settle and have children with. I had my children in my 30s, and while I've been lucky enough (due to a great support network) to be able to juggle parenting and work life, I completely understand why more women are having children later on.

And Hollywood stars are no different: Halle Berry, Uma Thurman and Kate Winslet are just some of the celebrities who are choosing to have children in their late 30s and 40s. I think this is an incredibly special period in your life when you are more likely to feel settled, financially secure and more self-confident.

Feeling good when you're pregnant can be tough sometimes, and even more so if you need to look and feel good for an occasion. Whether you have a meeting at work, lunch with friends or evening drinks planned, your growing curves might have other plans altogether which can cause tension in the wardrobe department! This is why I love to create dresses to help make those women feel more confident, elegant and stylish so they can continue with their busy lives and look forward to important events, instead of dreading them. We most recently dressed Australian actress Melissa George who shared the same frustrations as all of us in her second trimester of pregnancy, and was thrilled when she found dresses she could proudly wear on the red carpet and feel comfortable in. Whether it's for someone 20 or 40, for a film premiere or a family party, I love creating garments which genuinely flatter women throughout their pregnancy, so that they look and feel truly glamorous.

Whatever your age, pregnancy should be celebrated and you'll want to celebrate this very exciting time in style.