Black and Asian women are failed in maternity care. At last, change is starting.
When his wife finally saw the pictures, “she almost peed herself laughing so hard."
Expecting a baby? Then you need to be sure what your rights are at work. Here’s a brief guide to what you may be entitled to.
I was so upset. I was crying so much I thought I was going to lose my baby
Birth is about you, your body and your baby. Although it might be awkward I firmly believe in saying no to people you don’t feel comfortable with
  The BBC called NCT’s press office yesterday to see if we’d comment on its new research. It had found that tens of thousands
Last week my partner gave birth to our daughter in our living room - the culmination of a pregnancy that was extraordinary only because we received the highest quality of personalised care - all from the NHS.
So here we are two weeks from your due date. It seems like an eternity since the moment I first saw you at the 12 week scan. A tiny bean bouncing up and down with innocence and happiness. The relief I felt, I will never forget. You were real and you were mine.
Lastly, I'd like to thank every single person involved in this project, including Dr Asma Khalil and her team at St George's