Letter To Ukip Voters: Make History Once More

06/06/2017 13:50 BST | Updated 06/06/2017 13:50 BST
ADRIAN DENNIS via Getty Images

I know you're angry.

I know you're frustrated.

I know the political class has abandoned you; and elites look down upon you.

You're worried about housing. You're worried about jobs. You're worried about NHS waiting lists, schools for your kids, local services and fair wages.

Your communities are forgotten. Your services, run-down; and the promise of a decent life for a hard day's work has been forced out-of-reach.

You've played by the rules. You've worked hard. You've done your best to provide security for your family... but the goalposts keep moving.

This has to end.

On 23rd June, 2016, you voted for a different future.

A future ruled not by an out-of-touch, distant Elite; but by your own politicians, putting your interests first.

But it's not happening.

Politicians take us for granted. Promises remain unfulfilled.

£350 million a week for our NHS. Funding for public services. Better jobs. Decent housing. But the Conservatives have failed to deliver this. They've put you at the bottom of the pile.

In 2015, they took advantage. They promised you an EU referendum: all you had to do was vote for them.

They've been taking you for a ride ever since.

Public sector cuts, zero hours contracts, A&E closures, longer waiting lists, fewer police on our streets and bigger class sizes have made life harder and, at times, even desperate.

Your communities have been abandoned and, in many cases, they're no longer safe.

The Conservatives have abused the Brexit vote. They've taken the result as a blank cheque to do whatever they want: and they've abandoned you in the process.

This has to change.

Only two parties can deliver Brexit: the Conservative Party, or the Labour Party.

Theresa May has been clear she could walk away with "no deal."

She has promised to leave the single-market, end freedom of movement and refuse EU citizens their rights to remain in the UK (if "necessary"). A clean-break with the EU... but not a responsible one.

However, it's not only Theresa May promising a clean-break with the EU. Jeremy Corbyn has also pledged to leave the single-market, end freedom of movement and rule-out a second referendum. It's in the Labour manifesto. Labour backs Brexit.

And yet, unlike the Conservatives, Labour has a plan to leave the European Union without affecting British jobs.

If Theresa May and her Conservative government walk-away without a deal then our economy would suffer; causing each family to lose an average of almost £2,000.

By refusing to guarantee EU citizens their rights, Theresa May is putting our economy at risk and our communities in danger.

We need a government which will put workers first - and it is only the Labour Party which has pledged to do this.

Being prepared to walk away with no deal is a direct threat to our living standards and another example of the Tory threat this country faces.

Under a Labour government, freedom of movement would end. European Courts would have no impact on our sovereignty. We would make our own laws. Control our own borders. We would be free from from Brussels.

But we would protect our economy. Protect our jobs. Protect our communities and our families from the economic devastation the Conservative Party would impose through a bad deal.

As Jeremy Corbyn said, "no deal is a bad deal. It is the worst of all deals."

Take the power back

Just as Nigel Farage took the fight to the European establishment, Jeremy Corbyn is taking the fight to one closer to home.

The Conservative Party has always served the elites: that's why many of you rejected it and voted UKIP in 2015. You wanted an alternative.

But it wasn't just the Tories who suffered: over the course of the last decade, Labour lost millions of voters; many of whom to UKIP.

Labour lost touch with its roots. It abandoned the working-class. It left its communities behind.

But not anymore.

On June 8th, one of two Parties will win: the Conservatives, or Labour. Both Parties are committed to Brexit: but only one Party is committed to you.

Today, we have a real alternative. A Labour Party for the many, not the few, and a manifesto which will put your economic security first through a clear and decisive Brexit.

Labour will introduce the £10 minimum wage, provide free school lunches for Primary pupils, reduce class sizes to less than thirty, reverse the bedroom tax and end work capability assessments. Labour will ban zero hours contracts, give workers more rights at work, build one million new homes and ensure at least half are affordable. Labour will invest an extra £6 billion a year in our NHS, remove privatisation from our health system, invest £8 billion in social care, protect pensions and provide free education for everyone who wants it, no matter what your age, so no one is restricted by their ability to pay.

On June 8th, you have a choice: elect a radical Labour government - committed to Brexit - led by Jeremy Corbyn - putting our jobs and security services first: or elect a Conservative government, led by Theresa May, who is willing to sacrifice jobs, inflict further cuts to public services, continue to privatise our NHS and protect the gang of millionaires bankrolling her election campaign.

On Thursday, take one last swipe at the elites - Re-Brexit this country - take back the power they stole from you and prove - yet again - that the establishment will not dictate the course of this country and it is we - the people - who will determine its future.

On June 8th, make history once more - break the establishment, vote Labour - and change this country forever.