Feeling a Little Extreme?

07/09/2012 13:10 BST | Updated 06/11/2012 10:12 GMT

There has been a really interesting yet highly peculiar trend occur over the past week or so. Many people are acting slightly strange. I don't mean just run of the mill everyday odd, something just isn't adding up with a lot of people. Have you noticed this?

The recent 'blue moon' was a major player in this. I personally haven't felt such a shove from a full moon in a very long time. The full moon's energy cracked through major portions of the collective psyche. These cracks have revealed long held wounds within us as individuals. Pressure has continued to build and these geysers of trapped energy are now erupting, sometimes in a somewhat epic fashion.

So I hear many of you sitting there groaning whilst reading this, simply wanting to know what this means without the pseudo cosmic bullshit.

As I sit here typing this out the Spirit is explaining that since many humans (including myself) have lived in such controlled ways since birth, ever holding onto who they believe they are (or who they are told they are), they continue to resist portions of their true self. This resistance has meant that there are blockages, blockages must eventually be released.

Let's try an example; If I constantly say that I am a nice person, and I always make sure everyone is happy and I pride myself on this, to the point that sometimes I really want to tell a certain person that they are an absolute asshole, but I don't, I restrain myself. This desire to tell person A doesn't just disappear. This portion of me which really wants to pass out some old fashion smack downs is still there, trapped. I am still a nice person, regardless of the thought. But pretending the thought was not there and pushing it far down into the psyche has it's consequences.

The full moon caused cracks in these repressed emotions. So people are beginning to fall apart as all of these bits of them are oozing out - energetically speaking, of course.

Why is this happening? Because we need to just exist in a way which allows energy to pass through us, when we feel something we honour it and release it. Not stop ourselves because it doesn't match the 'image' we have fostered. When we honour ourselves fully, we will act and speak from a loving place. When we judge ourselves, others, and the world, we are left with control, fear, and anxiety.

During this time you will feel EXTREME; you will swing from mood to mood experiencing emotions you probably have not experienced in a long time. People will also try your patience. It is all for the aim of you understanding the mechanics behind what you are feeling, so you can get past it.

If you are falling apart, just let yourself fall to pieces. It is the only way you will be put back together.

Those who are unconscious to these shifts will be playing out some dark parts of themselves. They will act in ways contrary to what you may have imagined - or contrary to ways they themselves would have imagined. We have to give each other some grace during this time. It is all a work in progress.

So your advice for this period is to LAUGH, laugh at yourself, laugh at the person you want to punch, laugh at the whole scenario. Do not get dragged down in the heaviness of the situation. And above all DO NOT REACT! It will all pass. Remember that control will not work at this time. So practice the ever useful technique below:

Put your arms up in air and say: Dear Spirit, I surrender, I give up. Please help me!

It is all ok.