19/11/2013 09:33 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Meltdown Moments and Epic Breakthroughs

The past few weeks have had most people on their toes. Beyond that, they've needed to metaphorically bend backwards, lean sideways and occasionally invert their body, something akin to a Circque du Soleil performance.

Just to be crystal clear. This period isn't for the meek. And even if you started off meek, when this ends you will graduate as a seasoned pro.

But, a pro at what, is really the question.

This window of time is focused on helping you identify your will from what you believe the Universe's will for you actually is.

Most people have this image of the Universe, destiny, their own fate and how it all ties into one. Majority of these people are also very wrong.

That's because most people have a definition of destiny and fate based upon Hollywood and fairytales. These stories have brainwashed most into a belief that does less to serve development as a soul filled being and more to obstruct it.

So, you've now discovered what your destiny actually is, and you're still encountering these annoying 'challenges'. Well, that's where the flexibility comes in.

There are so many elements of your life and the lives you intersect with which are being arranged, and rearranged right now. Many people are making massive decisions for their own path which intersect with your life, and your future. This means that until these decisions are final, the path will continue to shift around you, occasionally shake upside down and possibly fall apart. Don't worry the Universe will put it back together.

The key point of advice for everyone right now is to relax. This major theme of preparation, clarification and flexibility is what the collective human experience is dealing with right now. So, try to not get stuck in the ego-self's singular experience of it, and the belief that it's just happening to YOU. It's not.

We're all in the process of picking roads which will lead us in very different directions. We need to make sure we have all the available facts, figures and forecasts to help us make the best decision.

There will be so many distractions right now. They could be people, or events, or fears of some kind. You have to choose to ignore these distractions as they are there to test you, to see whether you'll follow their directions. If you do, you'll really be lead astray.

Rest your chaotic mind, ease your anxious stomach and go inward to find where that illusive bliss really is, that's your own personal GPS. Let that bliss light the path you're meant to take.