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Sign Posts of Synchronicity

You know how I say that your everyday life is filled with signs and messages; well London for me has certainly just upped the ante - as the saying goes.

You know how I say that your everyday life is filled with signs and messages; well London for me has certainly just upped the ante - as the saying goes.

It's like everywhere I step there is a sign to prompt me to go a little further - since as you know, this has been a rather confronting experience thus far. So I often wonder why I have this deep knowing that all is truly well - then I wonder if it is because of this amazing glass of red I am having with my lunch, ... then I shake out of that thought and know that it is most definitely deeper.

I always talk about it, but this time feels so different to those of us who dedicate to work with the energy, whether that is for fiscal reasons or just as dedication to the evolvement of self.

We are in remarkable times. As always I love to give examples of my daily life, because to me it is as real as real can be, here we go!

I was off to meet a friend from Australia who is on a TV show over here, Minute to win it - if you are wondering, Darren is hilarious. Anyway, I was off to meet him at Soho house. I did my preparation and map planning and off I went, this would have been easy if my trusty iPhone had been unlocked as promised by my ph provider in Aus, so no map functions as yet.

I got to Soho and was on the search for my destination, before meeting him I thought I would go for a bite to eat and was keeping my eye out for anywhere which looked interesting.

There was a street with a restaurant on it I paused for a second, I decided to not walk down it and proceeded to walk, I started to wonder why I hadn't seen the turn I was looking for (PS London, please get street signs you can see). I had a look down the next street but it didn't have food, so I kept going...

15 minutes later I asked a friendly council worker looking person, he said that he didn't know my destination but one of the streets I quoted was back and I had gone too far.

I decided to keep walking and looking for food whilst also sending telepathic messages to Vodafone au telling them of the urgency of unlocking my phone.

I found an Internet cafe and battled through the smells to check the location, the council person was correct - I had gone too far...

I headed back, what I noticed was on the second street I paused on - the one near where I had to go, the building was named "McMullen", which is the last name of my friend I was meeting. I chuckled and thought that'll be a fun story to tell Darren upon my eventual arrival - if I find the place.

I kept walking and found the street I had to turn down, it had the restaurant I paused to look at, I just didn't see the name before. Piccolo, the name of a cafe in Melbourne I was taken to upon meeting someone from the past, a significant person. So what do these signs all mean, are they heralding a message of something big to come? Are they a map to your everyday?

Our every moment is scattered with messages guiding us further and further, into the arms of what? Into the arms of your destiny, which is a direct route to 'home', to Spirit, which is where we are all longing for. We just have to follow it, with joy and hope. Nothing else has been as important as the way in which we follow it, when we are in that joyful, hopeful place, we are connected to our true Divine nature, capable of all.

How many signs are around you which you don't take notice of?