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The Importance of Shutting Up

When I pondered the idea of writing a blog today I immediately received the statement "The importance of shutting up". Obviously the Spirit said this with humour - a bit of spiritual tongue-in-cheek. Yet this perfectly sums up the lesson right now, the immediacy with which to learn it, and the overall tone that the Spirit would like to convey.

You'll notice that many are talking much more than usual, posting more and more status updates, tweeting endlessly, and posting pictures. The Spirit would like everyone to pause - even for a short a while so that everyone is able to hear the gentle guidance of the Universe.

People are speaking and posting more because it's a means of distraction. Part of the shift 2013 revealed is that of possibility for transformation. Subconsciously many tapped into a spiritual knowing that change is on offer. Most don't know how to work with this shift which is fine, but as their ego-self senses this possibility of change, it freaks out. The ego-self HATES and fears change, it represents the unknown. It thinks that the unknown is simply full of things which could hurt. So these people begin to do anything and everything to distract themselves - and those around them, from looking inside, all from the subconscious influence of their scared ego-self.

What's inside that's so scary? When these shifts began the cellar door of your soul started to open and long held beliefs, fears, and realities about your nature became visible. Many people are taking advantage of this potential for transformation, dealing with these shadowy elements, others on the other hand are less eager to deal with their shadows and are doing everything they can to avoid the sometimes harsh truths these shadows represent.

Last week the Spirit gave me a simple line which I wrote on my FaceBook page: "Those who talk a lot are saying very little." When people are incessantly telling you new theories, complaining about things, creating new stories or dramas, even telling you 'good' news, you can be sure they're not looking and listening within. However, those who're quieter than usual are listening to the guidance of the Spirit. The guidance at present is simple; be still, be silent and await guidance. Imagine that there is a spirit 'attention bell', which only the soul can hear and whenever it's rung the Spirit wants us to sit in attention. The bell has been rung and we're called to listen.

Why are we called to attention right now? If we're still and quiet we have the opportunity to see how things have already transformed. If we're busy talking, talking, talking, and talking we aren't able to observe the present moment. This new moment holds completed transformation, cycles which may have plagued us before have now finished, but if we don't pause and see the reality of our current moment we won't see it. We are living in a new world with brand new possibilities.

Chatter is distraction. It can exist in the subconscious, conscious and or verbal. The verbal chatter many are expressing at present is a reflection of the chatter within. Those who have no need to speak are actually experiencing a greater sense of peace within, something they have probably not experienced before, and you can experience it too - very easily.

Close your eyes and tune out everything being said around you. Allow yourself to smile and wait to hear the Spirit - you don't know what they're going to tell you, but you can be guaranteed it will be exciting!