25/02/2016 05:28 GMT | Updated 23/02/2017 05:12 GMT

Stolen Campaign Banner Struggle Finally Over for LUU Exec Candidate

The struggle is finally over for LUU Exec candidate, Jack Palmer's campaign banner after it was returned by hostage takers demanding tickets to the Leeds University Union club night, Fruity. The demands were set out a week ago from the anonymous students, with a ransom demand of several Fruity tickets after stealing the banner for warmth from the freezing Leeds early morning conditions.

The stolen banner was first brought to Jack's attention on anonymous social site, Yik Yak. Jack Palmer later claimed that he "doesn't negotiate with hostage takers" before calling them out in full Liam Neeson fashion. After a lengthy Twitter and Yik Yak war ensued, with #TakenBanner trending on both sites, Palmer said he was hopeful that the saga had brought interest to union elections for students that would otherwise feel alienated from them.


Almost all hope was lost for the banner's safe return when the @TakenBanner Twitter account proclaimed it was "Going to do the Lord's work". With most fearing a holy execution, or at the very least a burning sacrifice to the Gods of Fruity, the banner was seen hanging in its outside the Leeds University Union this morning looking as good as new.

Nobody knows what forced the hostage taker's change of heart, but Palmer said "I would love to have the chance to meet them to tell them about my policies and convince them to vote for me". The war may be over but the causes run deep into the communication of the union with students, who were unaware that the campaign season had begun. This is something Jack Palmer seeks to improve, should he be victorious in his campaign to become the Leeds University Union Affairs Officer.

Jack Palmer's #MoveOnUp campaign, which plans to upgrade funding to Leeds University Union, to fund a living wage for students working in the union and to promote student-led outlets on campus, has officially begun. As the current History Society President, Palmer seems to be more than ready to 'move on up' himself, to the role of Union Affairs officer at Leeds University Union.