25/08/2016 10:13 BST | Updated 24/08/2017 06:12 BST

8 Tips For Visiting Rio On A Budget After the Olympics

The legacy of the 2016 Rio Olympics will reshape the country of Brazil, with many believing it to be reborn once the Games are over with lasting positive effects for the nation. Businesses will thrive and the tourism industry is set to get a post-Games boost. But before the long-term growth and development of tourism in Brazil, airfares will see an initial drop giving budget travellers the chance to visit in style. Here are 8 tips on travelling to Rio on a budget after the 2016 Olympics.


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1. Book Your Flights After Closing

Air fares during the period of the Games rarely fell below £800 for a return flight but as soon as the Closing Ceremony ended, the prices saw a dramatic dip. Search for flights now and you'll be able to snap up a hot travel bargain.


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2. Search the Sales

Major flight sales are set to last anywhere between a few days to a week after the Olympic Games are over so you will have plenty of time to shop around. And because the scaled-back Paralympics, which will be taking place from the 7th to 18th September are not forecast to alter airfares significantly, the low prices will continue.


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3. Keep an Eye on Flights Now

Don't leave it too late to start your flight research. Use a flight comparison site to keep an eye on flights and different travel combinations. For instance, a current flight combination with American Airlines and LATAM taking you from Heathrow via New York to Rio is currently on sale for £637 return - a price which is already cheaper than Heathrow to New York return. This shows just how low the demand for Brazil is after the Games.


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4. Travel in Autumn / Winter

Book your holiday to Rio in the winter time, which is Rio's spring time. Running from late September to November, the spring season usually brings a big surge to the country's travel industry. But with the Olympic Games happening and an Olympic comedown set to follow, it's unlikely to inspire a similar surge for 2016. During these months, some airlines will be selling tickets for as low as £475 return and the weather will be wonderfully warm for travellers.


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5. Find a Private Villa or Apartment

Not only will the Olympics have created more hotels for tourism in the Brazilian seaside city, but private listings will have increased too. So if you are looking for affordable accommodation options, don't forget to check private apartment rentals like AirBnB as well as hotel websites.


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6. Sample Some Luxury in the Lull

Because of the dip in tourist interest immediately after the Games, attractions, bars and restaurants are expected to offer excellent deals to offset the loss in custom. For budget travellers this offers the opportunity to visit some of Rio's higher end attractions which would normally be out of reach. For example, the Copacabana Palace is offering diner's deals that will give you one of the best tastes of Brazil, when usually a budget traveller would only get to sample their food if they made it for themselves.


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7. Book a Last Minute Hotel Deal

Hotel prices, just like flight prices, will see a dramatic drop after the Olympics are over and with the usual spring surge not predicted to happen like previous years, hotel costs are set to be at a consistent low which means you can find a bargain at any time. Low demand and an excess of rooms also means that availability will be higher so it's safer than ever to leave your booking until last minute. This way, you'll definitely bag the best deal!


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8. Sort Your Flights First

Once you've got your flights booked, you can shop around for hotels and accommodation. If you choose a booking site or hotel offering free cancellation, you can bargain hunt with confidence.