09/06/2017 02:58 BST | Updated 09/06/2017 02:58 BST

The DA Needs Helen Zille As Much As The ANC Needs Jacob Zuma

The party needs to send a strong message about its values.

Denzil Maragele/ Foto24/ Getty Images
Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane.

It is evident enough that the Democratic Alliance can do better without Helen Zille as much as ANC can do without Jacob Zuma. The Premier's effect may not be seen now, but can and or will be reaped during elections unless dealt with.

When Maimane was inaugurated as party leader in May 2015, the party membership increased significantly with an astounding demographic of black eligible voters. This was because the black people of South Africa felt represented. They felt the DA was no longer a stereotypical racial party as it had always seemed. The party sent a powerful message to South Africans that any individual of any race can lead and build towards a successful South Africa.

As a leader in such a diverse party, made up of the previously segregated, marginalised group of black South Africans, and also previously advantaged white South Africans, one would have to know what to say and not to. This, however, has not been the case with Helen Zille. The DA's former leader, currently a Premier of Western Cape, keeps ranting strong messages and remarks that stun the followers. Zille tweeted recently about how she thinks colonialism was not bad in some cases. Clearly conversing deep in the good it may cause. This was in many ways unacceptable form a leader, especially of a party such as the Democratic Alliance.

Colonialism is about using the resources of the weaker country to strengthen and enrich the stronger country. Exploiting recourses and victimising the people of a particular country to benefit your own. It can clearly be defined as bullying the poor to enrich the rich. This systematic bullying existed for a while and was implemented mostly in African countries and it is the main reason why many African countries cannot have a sustainable economy today.

South Africa being one of the countries that felt and still survive the pain of colonialism, it cannot be a justifiable debate or good space to bring up the good of colonialism, especially when it comes from individuals who were not affected by the regime. This system left the people of South Africa wounded, with a schooling system that denied the dreams of thousands if not millions, broken families and brought death to thousands more amidst many other horrific events. It cannot be justified.

With that being said, Zille is still the face and leader of the party in many ways. With her strong contribution and influence, the DA cannot do with a leader like her. The opposition party plays a huge role in the current democracy. In dealing with all its affairs, it gives the glimpse on how it will or it can deal with matters should it govern as a ruling party.

The Democratic Alliance along with EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) and other opposition parties keep on slashing the ANC in the way they handle their matters, always protecting the president at the cost of the country. The DA has already called more than three 'Motion of No Confidence' in President Zuma, calling him to step down. Dealing with Zille accordingly can send a strong message about the DA's values and motives of a better South Africa as opposed to what the ANC is currently doing.