12/03/2014 12:49 GMT | Updated 12/05/2014 06:59 BST

Has Our Generation Lost Faith?

As I ride on my morning train to my office, I find myself becoming more engaged and obsessed by the incredible brains and ideas of people who want to question themselves and the world around them, constantly. I sit across and ponder, looking and wandering what they might be thinking as they read there newspaper.

Has our generation lost the conviction too question what we stand for anymore? Do we even believe in anything that has merit, and when I say merit, I mean a strong conviction, that robs us away from that awful saturated celebrity fat.

Oh how it fills our brains and robs us from the things we should really be concerned about. When I wrote the song Faith, it came from a place where I wanted to truly just get back to basics.

There was a time where we would look to the sun and truly wonder in its glory and now all we do is look into the sun of a computer screens. What we believe in defines so much of who we are and I hold on and have faith that our generation will truly believe in something other than a best dressed list or celebrity birth.

I went on to the streets of London, New York and Paris and I just wanted to capture what people believed in. Its such an ambiguous subject ranging from so many things. However, the reaction created a spectrum of many different emotions. They were positive, some people felt like it was something they wanted to get off their chest, some people were baffled by the question as if they had never heard of the world belief before. This baffled opinion happened more so amongst people in my generation.

I have day dreams of the 1970s, protests and colourful marches, our youth fighting for every possible wrong with a sense of a collective culture based on this need to make a difference. Gone are these days. We are so consumed by the wrong things that as a generation have we forgot to be a political force.

There seems to be a small window of hope in my generation, when it comes to fighting for something we truly believe in, with feminist group Pussy Riot. Their ethos seems to be an inspiring one. They give hope to a lost generation teaching us to take a stand and fight against what is wrong in the world.

It's easy to think these things from my train seat and look into what I think is missing amongst our generation, but from conversations spoken with family friends and their teenagers, there is a lack of knowledge about the atrocities that take place outside the suburbia of their Katy Perry box.

I guess it's also questioning the liberation of our minds and the freedom for us to think independently and have faith in something that isn't shoved down our throats by the media. Have we come to a point where our beautiful internet is more about having faith in someone else' dream. A dream that will create profit for someone else empire. Are we mere puppets in the sand? Are our minds distracted by the vanity of our materialistic society ? Have we become numb to have faith in trying to make a real difference?

Whatever day dreams I have on my train ride, I just hope for an individual generation, independent, educated and special. A generation who will have faith in their own dreams, their own truths and the will to discover and fight for what they believe in opposing and waking up from the hypnotism of what we are often told we should believe in.