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Why I Didn't Vote!

I didn't vote for one simple reason, I have looked in to the systems that our species use and they are outdated, antiquated and have died a long time ago. We are now living off its ashes and no politician is looking to address this.

'If you don't vote you can't have an opinion' says propaganda.

That's a silly statement, all you have to do is research the situation, ponder the process, open your mouth and look, an opinion is out there, who'd have thought?

I didn't vote for one simple reason, I have looked in to the systems that our species use and they are outdated, antiquated and have died a long time ago. We are now living off its ashes and no politician is looking to address this.

You see, it may look impressive when a politician says 'we're going to cut national debt by x amount', 'we're going to create x amount of jobs', 'we're all in this together' but the systems we have in place create unemployment (companies replace human labour with technology as it's more profitable), create homelessness (monetary system is a game of musical chairs where people naturally get left out), create debt for the average household (the bankers spend all our money and we pay them more to keep the system running).

Take the monetary system for example, this piece of paper is printed off out of nothing by the privately owned central bank who then charge interest on that nothing, which puts us all in a debt we can't repay forcing us to live our lives in servitude to benefit a small minority and means the literal value of money is nothing, so we're living in a system where we are trading each other resources that we either need or desire in return for a bit of paper where the only thing that differs from it to say writing the number 5 on a bit of paper is our belief that one holds more value, yet we are excluding some members as being not worthy of these resources because they haven't acquired enough of this nothingness, personally I would say that is the definition of greed.

The reason printing money is illegal is because it is the same process the banks use and if we were to all take up such a system the banks would not benefit. This may sound preposterous but simple research in to the banking system will confirm what I'm saying.

Another issue is the media; can somebody please explain to me how you can have a democracy when the media's role is to play corporate spokesperson? Democracy relies on a well informed public; this simply isn't possible when their information is restricted, suppressed and falsified. It has also been documented by Mp's themselves that people working outside the political realm have been included in on meetings and have written up bills to benefit their companies, what is the point in voting for a 'leader' if the power quite evidently lies beyond them?

Every single election we are promised change, in return for votes and can you name me one single election where homelessness has ceased to exist? Where the average hard working family have benefited? Where we have placed education and healthcare above military spending?

It is a very intriguing topic is military spending because it is excused as a form of 'defence', however year in, year out we spend billions on our military, the only countries that we would struggle to defend ourselves against would be our mates America and ourselves. Military spending, in its simplest form is politicians handing money to their mates in the armaments industry. I feel my generation's faith in politics was wiped out in a single election by Nick Clegg; it's as if with every policy he had he was crossing his fingers behind his back and mumbling 'not really' in an inaudible tone. This does not mean we are apathetic though, far from it,

I can have a political discussion with almost anyone my age and I have found that most are genuinely concerned by our political situation and are dedicated to doing what they can to make a change.

This was a good system 100 years ago, sadly it is no longer fit for the purpose of our species any more, like the caterpillar that manifests in to a butterfly we must also find a way to become more beautiful and live more beautifully. My proposal for change is simple, we don't vote for people with meaningless policies, we all become the people who vote on the policies and we make sure that everyone has all the information in order to make a well informed decision. To get to that point we need to force it ourselves though, we are not going to get such gestures from the puppets, we need to take the power away from the puppet masters.

Social breakfast has been working on a General Election campaign called #BeatThePoll, speaking to all of the parliamentary candidates in The Black Country, but I challenge any politician that disagrees with me to answer their questions:

Why are there more unoccupied homes than homeless?

Why are we not supplying every household with free energy?

Do you have the imagination to create new systems?

Why are we not issuing debt free money like JFK tried to?

Why is it necessary to have 'top secret' information, you are the same species as us so what gives you a right to access information yet feel it should be restricted from the public?

Use the hashtag #BeatThePoll and I'll find you...

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