03/04/2014 08:18 BST | Updated 02/06/2014 06:59 BST

Five Ways to Find Balance Without Compromising Success

Before the One Young World 2013 summit, I juggled co-running a social enterprise, my full time job and several other commitments. I was hardly at home on weekday evenings and everyone started their invitations with "I know you're busy but..." I established through a coaching session that I wasn't very "present", which made lots of sense because I was always on my phone at social gatherings and I never enjoyed the moment because I was working towards my next goal.

The penny dropped for me when I heard the Third Metric talk by Arianna Huffington at the summit. "How can I continue to work towards my goals without compromising my well-being?" I realized then how far away I felt from my well-being, and how important it was for me to find balance before I hit a brick wall.

I realized that most people felt the same, and I wanted to share five things I have learnt on my journey in the hope that it empowers you to think differently about your lifestyle.

Be Present - I found that because I wasn't present a lot of the time, I didn't notice I was overworking myself. It's very easy to run on autopilot, and the days go by so quickly. Being more mindful helps to be present and I recommend the app Headspace, which I have found very helpful.

Set yourself some guidelines - Setting yourself some realistic guidelines allows you to firmly establish yourself some boundaries. For me, it was as simple as making sure I was home at least two weeknights a week. This will help with the next point.

Set Others' Expectations - Firmly setting others' expectations according to your guidelines can make a positive impact on yourself and others. Suggest alternatives that are convenient to everyone in my case, conference calls instead of face to face meetings and setting and agenda means I spend less time in inefficient meetings and more time at home.

Make the most of each moment - Don't think about work while you rest. And try not to multi-task where it can be avoided. I've found my productivity levels have increased, I get work done quicker and I am able to relish every moment of rest as a result.

Find out what well-being means to you - Well-being means something different for everyone. Finding what truly helps you relax will help you make the most of your relaxing time. Going to the gym if you hate it will cause more stress than relaxation.

Making a few changes and adjustments can be really helpful in finding balance without compromising success. I really hope you find this post helpful and take something away with you, especially the understanding that you don't need to compromise success to find balance.

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