03/03/2015 10:20 GMT | Updated 02/05/2015 06:59 BST

101 Ways to Lose Weight: Follow Your Fitness Idols

Staying on the fitness wagon is hard and it's easy to fall off entirely. We all have our personal reasons for getting fit and healthy that often have little to do with being fit and healthy. Who doesn't want to look good and be permanently bikini ready? Who doesn't want their ex to see them looking gorgeous? Who doesn't want to feel comfortable and confident in the skin they're in? Sometimes even these reason aren't enough to make you get out of bed and go to the gym or choose wisely between cake and fruit.


Prove them Wrong - Lorna Jane Directions Tank £29.00 House of Fraser

Luckily, fitspiration is only a swipe and tap away with hundreds of fitness gurus who dedicate their social media feeds to advice, motivation, tips, recipes and pictures of them looking smoking hot while doing their best blue steel impressions. Their support doesn't end there; they have fitness programmes, meal plans, products, boots camps and much more to help you be your best, fittest self.

There are tons of round ups of Instagram fitness stars to follow, but depending on the publication and their reader's idea of the 'ideal body', the list is either all long and lean models or hard-core quads of steel body builders.

Here are my suggestions of fitties to follow on Instagram now.

Kayla Itsines

Best known as the bikini body trainer Kayla Itsines' insta feed is focused on motivation, recipes and the real transformations of the followers of her awesome Bikini Body Guide programme.


Kayla's downloadable fitness programme has 1 million devotees and her website features free downloads, her blog and products including her branded foam roller, BPA-free water bottle and wearable tech from Polar.

Lorna Jane Clarkson

Fashion fitness entrepreneur Lorna Jane Clarkson's account shows workouts, motivational quotes and her gorgeous range of colorful workout gear.

Lorna has just released her SS15 activewear collection and 'Clean Eating' recipe book available from House of Fraser. For the release she teamed up with insta-buddy Kayla based upon their approaches to fitness and nutrition working hand in hand for optimum health in their belief in Lorna's philosophy of #movenourishbelieve.


Lorna Jane SS15 Activewear Collection

The 45-minute bodyweight workout available here is designed to tone muscle and burn calories.

Mirella Clarke

Personal trainer and WBFF Pro model Mirella Clark is an advocate of the strong beats skinny movement. Specialising in fat loss, strength training and competition prep, she has a waiting list for her online training and nutrition programme. Her insta feed is a great source for motivation, recipes and workouts. The fit mum to be is expecting her first baby and is sharing her pregnancy workout programmes for free via her account.

Mirella has recently teamed up with the Ibiza Kitchen for the first of her Strong Beats Skinny Bootcamps on the sunny isle of Ibiza. The women's only Fitcamp will focus on health, fitness, lifestyle, motivation, inspiration, self-confidence and empowerment and takes place from 9th - 15th May 2015.


Jessamyn Stanley

Yoga Enthusiast and self-proclaimed Fat Femme Jessamyn Stanley, posts a new flow every day her pics and videos are accompanied by commentary on her own progress.

On her website, she encourages people to participate by posting video of them doing their flow of the day.


BJ Gaddour

CEO of StreamFit.comBJ Gaddour's account is filled with videos of dynamic moves that will take your workout to a new level. The trainer and author delivers simple and effective exercise tutorials that compliment the free workouts available on his site. www.streamfit.com