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Best Of The Blogs 4 November: Read These Right Now

Here's what you might have missed this week.

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#MeToo hashtag is the campaign encouraging women to denounce experiences of sexual abuse that has swept across social media in the wake of the wave of allegations targeting a Hollywood producer.

1. Dear Queer People: You Are Not Paedophiles

Kevin Spacey's recent coming out has been a dark moment for the queer community. Despite the heroic front-end of the story -- which lauds the Hollywood actor for his bravery in coming out -- the incident is marked by a complex ulterior motive, one which threatens to upend years of destigmatisation work done by queer communities around the world, writes Garreth Van Niekerk.

2. Here Are Practical Strategies For Stressed Matriculants

The summit is clearly in sight and the anticipation of finality lies within reach on the horizon. But there is a steep, seemingly treacherous climb to navigate, and that is the Matric final exam. Fear of the final exams is deep-rooted and reinforced from generation to generation. It is that fear of failure, or of not achieving the desired outcomes, that ensure that matriculants find this experience a less-than-pleasant one! Cindy Glass shares helpful strategies for matriculants.

3. Youth Unemployment In SA -- The Curse And The Solution

Government's noisy rhetoric on its initiatives aimed at bettering the lives of the youth is like popular deep house beats with no lyrics. They adopt policy after policy with no clear implementation strategy and no evidence showing whether the so-called initiatives are bearing fruits in the lives of the youth. South Africa is failing to improve the lives of its youth, leaving them exposed to catastrophic consequences such as drug abuse, prostitution, criminal activities and absolute poverty. Read more.

4. Buthelezi's Presence Has Loomed Large Through Four Decades

It is hard to imagine South Africa's political landscape without Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. His presence has loomed large through four decades. My professional work in the past decade and more has been focused on the challenge of opening Nelson Mandela's legacy to a continuing process of making and remaking. In this space, there has been a multiple intersection of Madiba and Shenge narratives. In many ways, the two leaders came to embody an understanding of reconciliation which had no need of forgiveness, nor of forgetting the past, nor even of learning to like one another -- it was simply about determining to get on together, writes Verne Harris.

5. Here's What The HuffPost SA Team Has To Say About The Old SA Flag

The HuffPost SA Team looked at what the place of the apartheid flag is in South Africa today, and we have five diverging views from a diverse team. Read more.

6. We Need More Men Condemning The Sexual Assault Of Women

The #MeToo campaign has shown the pervasive nature of sexual violation, and it brings all men into disrepute. It is so easy to forget that men who respect women make up the majority of the men in the world. I believe that if all those men who are respectful of women join the millions of voices and say, "Just stop, already!" then we will be able to call unwanted sexual advances and assaults a relic of the past, soon, writes Jeanette Buis.

7. Mathews Phosa: 'Still Time To Remove The President And Deport Saxonworld Scum'

The unstable political environment has a massive influence on our economy. We have a mismanaged economy, largely because of rampant corruption, criminal neglect of our state-owned enterprises, and critical state agencies like SARS and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) seemingly captured, writes Mathews Phosa.

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