Tuition Fees Protest: Key Players On Wednesday's London March

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Protestors At The Student Fees March Last Year | Getty Images

Assembling a 10,000-strong demonstration against tuition fees doesn't happen overnight.

From unions to musicians, politicians to political activists, everyone seems to have had their say on the protest due to take place on Wednesday. We take a look at some of the key movers and shakers:

National Union of Students (NUS): President Liam Burns has publicly pledged the support of the NUS on behalf of the students. The union has helped coordinate this year's demonstrations, but is an adamantly peaceful group.

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Michael Chessum, of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts group (NCAFC), said: "We are facing the biggest peace-time betrayal of a generation in modern British history.

"We are going to put the higher education White Paper back on the political agenda, and we are doing that in the midst of the biggest social movement seen in decades."

Aaron Peters, a member of the NCAFC, blogged for the Huffington Post ahead of the protest, explaining why he, as a student, was marching.

Occupy London Stock Exchange: (Occupy LSX): A spokesperson for protesters at St Paul's told Huffington Post UK they will join up with the march but don't want to "detract from the students".

"Our concentration tomorrow will be on supporting the students and showing our solidarity with them. We'll also be hosting some less-purely-political events for people to enjoy. It is the students' day tomorrow and we're not trying to upstage them."

A crowd of around 1,000 affiliated with the Occupy London camp is expected to participate in today's protests.

Tom Morello, guitarist for Rage Against The Machine, will also be on the march. The band publicly supports "fighting for freedom" and the band member has announced he will be protesting alongside students.

Morello has teamed up with fellow musician and activist Billy Bragg to offer support. On Tuesday Bragg tweeted: "London! Tomm big student march ending at St Pauls. The Nightwatchman will Occupy London w/billy bragg around 4pm. Will you??"

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