No student, whether an undergraduate or apprentice, should have to struggle to make ends meet while getting an education
Last year two million millennials made their mark on the political scene… let’s do it again
Four in ten respondents have experienced at least one instance of sexualised behaviour from staff
The Tories seem to have a problem with the fact that not all of us want to be lawyers, bankers or managers of large companies
EXCLUSIVE: Meetings called off as office closure runs into second week.
Inside the fresh turmoil that's turned NUS's London office into a no-go zone.
On Thursday the Home Office published figures about the number of individuals referred to the PREVENT counter-extremism strategy between April 2015 to March 2016. Headlines have honed in on the fact that 95% of referrals to PREVENT in that time were deemed unnecessary.
What Roem's and Jenkins' elections show us is that, despite the transphobic political landscape, despite being told that trans issues are unimportant, despite trans people being considered unelectable or otherwise inferior, we can win and we will win. And right now, this is a message that trans people desperately need to hear.
NUS LGBT+ Campaign has teamed up with Stand Alone to launch the Estranged Students Solidarity Campaign. Together we aim to eradicate the stigma surrounding estrangement and support estranged students through their studies. We want to get lots of institutions and students' unions on board with this campaign and there's so much that you can do on your campuses to support estranged students.
Government and the NHS must also do more to protect and promote students' mental health. As a first step, a forthcoming government green paper should identify students' particular mental health needs and set out solutions. The May government has so far talked a good talk on mental health, but is not yet clear how this will translate to improved support for students. Brexit is bringing new urgency to questions about what kind of society we want to be. To thrive outside the EU, the UK will need an educated workforce - but also a workforce that is healthy, happy and resilient.