30/09/2012 20:05 BST | Updated 30/09/2012 20:12 BST

Labour Party Conference 2012: Shadow Minister Kate Green Speaks Out On Sexism In Parliament

Shadow equalities minister Kate Green has launched an outspoken attack on sexism in parliament, staying she often feels like she is "sitting in Eton college" when looking at the "gender hostile" government.

Responding to a question from The Huffington Post UK during a Demos fringe meeting on austerity and women, Green railed against parliament's "closed society."

"I sit in that place, and I look across the other side [at the government] and I think 'what am I, a woman in her 50s, doing sitting in Eton college?' Because that's what it feels like. It just feels alien. Not just because of sexism but because of the social make-up of the place and the way the place is organised.

stella creasy

Stella Creasy said she was told to emphasise that she has a doctorate because she is blonde

"The place is organised around the life experiences of a particular sector in society who went to prep school, who went to public school, who went to Oxbridge, who went into bar, who went into parliament," she said.

"I think the behaviour in parliament can be appalling… The norms of behaviour that apply in every other workplace I've ever been in don't apply there. It's OK to do this yaboo politics," she said.

Green was integral to pulling the "Top Totty" beer from a parliamentary bar after she said the label, featuring a scantily clad women, was disturbing and proved the need for a debate on "dignity in the workplace".

kate green

Kate Green: Parliament is sexist because parliament is a closed society

Speaking on Sunday she spoke out against "ridicule" she faced when trying to ban the "demeaning" drink.

Shadow minister Stella Creasy also spoke out against sexism, telling The Huffington Post UK in response to a question she had been told to emphasise that she had a PhD because she was blonde.

"Yes, I got chucked out of a lift by a male MP who decided I couldn't possibly be an MP. I was also told that as a blonde woman I should use the fact that I have a doctorate because then people would take me seriously," she said.