David Cameron wowed the crowds in Cornwall on Thursday when he hit the beach in an outfit that left little to the imagination.

topless david cameron on holiday in cornwall

David Cameron shows Nick Clegg what he's missing

Clearly proud of his curvaceous new look, a make-up free Cameron flaunted his figure for all to see - sometimes with only a pair of shorts and towel to protect his modesty.

david cameron in cornwall

The prime minister turns heads in shorts and a towel

Cameron and his wife Samantha looked every inch the loved-up couple as they relaxed on Cornwall's Polzeath beach - just days after they were pictured sitting on a bench looking at a bottle of water.

david cameron on holiday in cornwall

Cameron pours his curves into his favourite shorts

Wriggling behind his Mickey Mouse towel, Cameron showed no sign of the bad back that's been plaguing him lately.

But these latest photos will do nothing to dissuade the rumours that he might be pregnant.

ON OUR COMMENT BOARDS: Does anyone know where the dark-haired woman's black vest is from?


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    <strong>Translation:</strong> Have sex with

  • 'Pour one's curves into'

    <strong>Translation: </strong>Wear

  • 'Show someone what they're missing'

    <strong>Translation:</strong> Leave the house without crying

  • 'Party until the early hours'

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  • 'Unlucky-in-love' (adjective)

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  • 'Wowed the crowds'

    <strong>Translation:</strong> Performed

  • 'Turned heads in'

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  • 'Blonde' (noun)

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  • 'Slam/blast/attack'

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  • 'Caused a stir'

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  • 'Go make-up free'

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  • 'Step out'

    <strong>Translation:</strong> Leave the house

  • 'Rack up a XXXX bill'

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  • 'Male/female admirer'

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  • 'Donned'

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  • 'Rocked'

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  • 'Shows off'

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