16/08/2013 07:49 BST | Updated 16/08/2013 08:02 BST

'Women Not As Good At Being Sexist And Making Stupid Comments,' Says Leading Ukip Member

File photo dated 3/5/13 of a UKIP candidate's rosette as Energy Secretary Ed Davey warned today the rise of Ukip risks undermining action on global warming, because of the eurosceptic party's "saloon bar" views on climate change.

A leading member of Ukip has said that women "aren't as good at being sexist as men" and that they are "far less likely to make stupid comments".

Speaking at a panel event, he said that making stupid remarks in public was "very, very competitive" and that women "come absolutely nowhere" compared to men.

"When it comes to the highest levels of competitive public sports - such as making sexist remarks and sounding like a complete idiot - women are few and far between," he told the audience.

"This is why women shouldn't be in boardrooms. They simply aren't stupid enough to compete alongside the men."

He could understand why women did less well in areas where men have a physical advantage, he added.

"Look at me, for example. Being both male and a member of Ukip, I find it far easier to put my foot in my mouth."