Thousands Of Morgan Spurlock Fans Gather In Leicester Square For Premiere Of His New Movie

PICS: Thousands Of Morgan Spurlock Fans Gather In Leicester Square

Thousands of devoted fans of film director Morgan Spurlock have flocked to London's Leicester Square for the premiere of his new film 'This Is Us'.

Many of Spurlock's admirers camped overnight to ensure the best possible view of their documentary-making hero.

Spurlock fans - also known as 'Supersizers'

Extra Metropolitan police have been drafted in to deal with the crowds of young girls, who have been holding banners, waving and shrieking with excitement at the prospect of seeing - or even meeting - their redheaded American heartthrob.

Dedicated: Spurlock admirers camped overnight by the red carpet

One girl uses a banner to ask Spurlock to marry her

"I've loved him since the beginning, even before 'Super Size Me'," one fan told HuffPost UK Comedy. "I followed his progress as a young playwright in New York."

"He's my favourite, he’s just so cool," gushed her friend. "Documentaries, TV shows, web series... We just love him. We're the most dedicated fans in the world!"

'This Is Us' premieres in Leicester Square on Tuesday night. It follows the story of a little-known boyband from England called One Direction.

This is them: Spurlock devotees

One Direction - This Is Us Photocall

This Is Us - One Direction Screening


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