There has been much debate about the best way to tackle the threat of Nigel Farage to the Conservative Party.

Tory MP Anna Soubry gave it a good go on Thursday night when she appeared alongside the Ukip leader on the BBC's Question Time.

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  • Boston, Lincolnshire, was the venue and many of the audience raised concerns about the scale of immigration. And after an audience member called for a debate based on "facts not fear-mongering", Soubry launched her attack.

    "You talk about facts," she said to Farage.


    "In my constituency your party put out a leaflet saying 29 million people from Romania and Bulgaria were going to flood into our country. Well, the population is only 27-and-a-half million of the two of them.

    "You do not talk facts, you talk prejudice.

    "That’s what you talk, and you scaremonger and you put fear in people’s hearts.

    "Look, times are tough.

    "We know that. But when times are tough, there’s a danger and history tells us when things are not good, you turn to the stranger and you blame them.

    "And you shouldn’t. That is wrong. And I’m proud of our country’s history and I’m proud that people come here."

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    • Ukip Beaconsfield

      Some interesting grammar on the leaflet from Ken Wight, candidate for Beaconsfield. (h/t <a href="" target="_blank">@Hope Not Hate</a>)

    • Ukip compares immigration to Native American oppression

      In 2010, Ukip issued a leaflet in Lancaster which compared immigration in the UK to the plight of Native Americans. The leaflet, <a href="" target="_blank">uploaded on The Straight Choice</a>, depicts a Native American in full head dress with the caption: “He used to ignore immigration … now he lives on a reservation”.

    • Ukip Staffordshire

      <a href="" target="_blank">A leaflet posted through letterboxes in Staffordshire</a>, in support of Ukip candidate David Nixon’s leaflet was illustrated a cartoon of a young boy holding a placard which said: “Rights for Bi-Sexuals We demand the right to marry With (at least) one man and one woman.” Below it said: “Where will it end? – A child should have the right to a mother and a father.”

    • Ukip Suffolk

      The leaflet proudly announces Suffolk candidate David Reynolds' opposition to the high-speed rail HS2, even though the route does not go through Suffolk.. (h/t<a href="" target="_blank"> Jack Lay</a>)

    • Ukip on HS2

      UKIP’s 2010 manifesto <a href="" target="_blank">promised to invest in three high-speed rail lines</a>.. But now the party is staking its reputation on opposing HS2, which will run through Tory heartland areas

    • Same Sex Marriage leaflet

      One rambling leaflet posted through letterboxes in support of Ukip describes "ordinary people" and "real people" who are against gay marriage. (H/T<a href="" target="_blank"> @LiamBowles_</a>)

    • Ukip... or is it?

      We couldn't resist including this one... for its sheer silliness. This is not a Ukip leaflet. This is a leaflet promoting Conservative Party candidate in the Eastleigh by-election, Maria Hutchings, in Ukip colours. Subtle.