BBC Question Time: Jess Phillips' First Appearance Was As An Impassioned Audience Member

28/01/2016 18:44 | Updated 28 January 2016
Jess Phillips on BBC Question Time, 2010

Jess Phillips MP joins us this week - her first time on the panel, but not her first time on the programme. Here she is getting stuck in from the audience before she became a politician...

Posted by BBC Question Time on Monday, January 25, 2016

Jess Phillips is to appear on Thursday night's Question Time from Stamford, Lincolnshire, but it isn't her first time on the programme.

The outspoken Labour MP, elected at the 2015 general election, stole the show as audience member back in 2010.

In footage that has recently emerged, Phillips is seen lambasting the then newly installed coalition government's programme of austerity in her signature style. Watch the clip, above.

jess phillips

Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips in 2010

Airing her views towards a panel that included former Coalition Faith Minister Baroness Warsi, Phillips says: "You talk about fairness but it seems totally unfair that the cuts seem to be starting with children and families.

"The cuts surely should be starting with people up in their ivory towers, like David Cameron.

"I doubt very much that the loss of £129 to him would be very great but why is it women and children who are facing the brunt of these cuts?"

As well as Phillips, Thursday’s edition boasts the Conservative Transport Secretary Patrick McCloughlin, the SNP's Angus Robertson, columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, and Conservative Party ad man Moray MacLennan.

Best Question Time Audience Interjections

  • Someone Storms Out Of The Studio
    An audience member who said he was homeless waded into a discussion on immigration to bemoan the fact that one in seven new businesses have been set up by immigrants, fuming that they had "all been given money".

    He went on: "[The money] has been thrown at the immigrants. I've applied for 100 jobs on the railway, i don't even get an interview anymore. these immigrants they get all their tickets paid for. I'm homeless, I've got nowhere to live."
  • Someone Heckles George Galloway
    In the most fractious Question Time of recent years, George Galloway clashed with fellow panelist Jonathan Freedland and a large, vocal bank of audience members on Thursday following a question on the rising tide of anti-Semitism in the UK.
  • An Eccentric Man Tells Panelist To Shut Up

    Stoke-on-Trent legend Alan Barrett took on the Sun newspaper's managing editor Stig Abell in a sensational exchange.

    While lambasting the paper's coverage of Jeremy Corbyn's bow during the Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph, Abell's attempts to get a word in edgeways were met with a clear and cutting jibe: "Shut up, pal," Barrett said.
  • Blue Haired Women Start Shouting
    When Nigel Farage and Russell Brand failed to set sparks flying, the audience was on hand to provide a dose of surreal heckling that was universally lapped up by viewers baying for intellectual blood.

    Shouty blue-haired woman (SBHW) started with some good old-fashioned insults aimed at Farage.
  • A Ukiper Takes Russell Brand Down
    The brother of a Ukip candidate accosted Russell Brand on the programme after the comedian accused party leader Nigel Farage of "pointing his finger at immigrants and the disabled".
  • David Cameron Fights Back
    One man in Leeds immediately regretted his pointed question on the NHS to David Cameron in April this year.
  • Someone Spears A Minister Over Tax Credits

    A desperate mother launched an impassioned tirade at one top Tory minister for the government's decision to slash tax credits, despite a pre-election pledge not to.

  • Someone Asks: "Will Scottish Independence Help Us Find Aliens?"
    Amid a row between the Question Time audience over Scottish independence one member of the audience was invited to make a comment. It was a short, but wonderful contribution to the debate.

    "I believe that if we become independent then we will be one step closer to finding aliens," says the young chap in the white shirt.
  • A Passionate Scottish Highlanders Get Riled
    Filmed in Scotland, the question of the then forthcoming referendum came up, with the camera cutting to this chap – Nigel from Inverness who delivered a vignette that could have been lifted from the script of Braveheart… If Wallace was in favour of the Union… which he wouldn’t have been.

    “I was born in Inverness, I’m a passionate Highlander, and I love Scotland. I will take a stand to keep the United Kingdom together. I will give my life for my country as my grandfather did in the First World War.”

    Well bravo, sir.
  • Someone Asks Nick Clegg About His Future
    And this was *before* the Lib Dems disastrous General Election.
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