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Abbie Baisden

Content Editor at Milkround, blogger on all things regarding graduate careers

Content Editor at the UK’s number one graduate recruitment website, Milkround . A recent graduate in Communications and Media, blogger, and social media & digital marketing enthusiast.

Five Things I Wish I'd Done Before I Left Uni

We are in the final few weeks of the University term and for many this will mean one thing, exams. But aside from being inundated with revision tips and de-stressing secrets (which are all very helpful and important, don't get me wrong) there are a few other things you should be looking into before you leave for summer, particularly if you are in your final year.
03/05/2013 12:14 BST

Be Your Own Brand - Representing Yourself Positively Online

In order to ensure you are promoting yourself as the professional superstar that you are, you must think of yourself as your own personal brand and use the internet accordingly. Launch a PR campaign that will make [insert your name here] the go-to brand for [insert your desired job title here]!
02/01/2013 09:32 GMT

Christmas Boredom-Busters That Could Land You a Graduate Job

You should absolutely relish the time you have to relax and unwind after all your hard work in term one. However, just in case you do find yourself having a spare moment in between eating, drinking and being merry, here are a couple of time-filler activities that are also enormously productive in the job-hunting game.
19/12/2012 20:34 GMT