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Ajmal Masroor

Educator and Socio-political Commentator

My life's mission is to inform, inspire and influence change. I write, I speak, I discuss and I debate all issues. I believe in being the change, not just talking about it. I love actively taking part in politics to shape my present and develop our future, and exploring history to draw lessons from the past. I am fascinated by human psychology and relationship dynamics. I find the Quran the most important and inspiring scripture for my life. Nothing makes me more mad that injustice. I am totally devoted to justice and fairness in the world but more importantly I am fully committed to peace inside and out. I am involved in philanthropic work including raising money for good causes and charity locally and internationally.

Ten Steps To Resolving The Rohingya Genocide

The last fortnight's spotlight on the Rohingya people of Myanmar has uncovered a ghastly truth that they are facing state sponsored genocide. In an address to the UN, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights denounced the "brutal security operation" against the Rohingya in Rakhine state, which he said was "clearly disproportionate" to insurgent attacks carried out last month.
13/09/2017 15:03 BST

Bangladesh in the Hands of Terrorists

The terror attack is a sad way to end this blessed month of Ramadan for the people of Bangladesh. It is a terrible end of so many innocent lives. I feel intensely distressed by these massacres. As an Imam I offer my sincere prayers and condolences for those who have lost their lives in these atrocities. Bangladesh, may God grant you true freedom and shelter from tyranny. May God make you a great nation again.
04/07/2016 16:36 BST

Deafening Silence and the Intolerable Hypocrisy by Liberals and Intellectuals

I'm becoming impassive to the inconsistent and selective mantra chanting of Western liberals calling for human rights, rule of law and democracy. They seem to be quick to condemn human rights abuse in certain situations but in others, especially those involving Muslims, they remain curiously silent.
12/05/2016 11:13 BST

An Open Letter to the Terrorist

As a Muslim let me remind you what God says, "replace evil with something better" and let me tell you that you, the terrorists are solely responsible and your ideas shall be challenged and you shall be defeated!
23/03/2016 11:11 GMT

Shambolic BBC Debate on British Islam

The problem with the rejectionist proposition is that they wish to throw out the baby with the bath water. You cannot cherry pick aspects of Islam. It appeared during the debate that they were interested only in embracing those aspects of Islam that suits them and rejecting those they disagreed with.
05/02/2016 14:15 GMT

Congratulations to the Media and Politicians for Helping Demonise Muslims!

The consequence of this portrayal was written on the wall in bold and brightly coloured letters: Muslims will become victims of terrible crimes motivated by racism and Islamophobia if this media onslaught continues. The media did not pay heed to those warnings, and that has happened, exactly as it was predicted.
29/12/2015 08:59 GMT

Extremists Cannot Combat Extremism

What do you get when you combine an extremist who claims to be a reformed moderate Muslim and a bunch of Neocons that claim to be friends of Islam? The answer is simple - dangerous confusion, wholesale deconstruction of a sacred religion and maligning of its people.
04/08/2015 16:04 BST

Citizen's Charter for Ukip

Ukip MEP Gerard Batten demands that the UK Muslims must sign a code of conduct to show that they reject violence and agree that parts of the Qu'ran should be 'deferred or suspended'. He also warns of an explosion of mosques across Europe. His ignorance about Islam and the Muslims baggers belief...
06/02/2014 12:54 GMT

The New Iranian President - A Reformer, Moderator or Radical?

Iran is at a major crossroad. There is a growing middleclass, which is educated and wealthy, but also allergic to religion. Islam has become a hate-word for many, representing repression, lack of freedom and imposition of anti-modern values.
20/06/2013 10:39 BST

Time for an Honest Conversation

Anjem Choudary does not have a job, receives state benefits to support his family, and spends his time spouting all sorts of rubbish including his hatred for this country, his desire to take money from the non-Muslims, his declaration of global Jihad against everyone, and his glorification of violence and death. Why is Anjem Choudary still freely walking our streets?
02/06/2013 20:28 BST

Woolwich Murder: Not in God's Name and Not in Our Name!

I am a British Muslim and Imam based in London. I feel personally attacked by the brutal killing of this innocent person. My heart goes out to the family who has lost a loved one in such a tragic way. I extend to them my condolences and prayers. I am deeply sorry that Muslims have subjected you to this cruelty and pain. They have tarnished the entire faith and its followers.
24/05/2013 15:43 BST

Syrian Conflict Makes a Mockery of the International Community

I believe Syria will be free soon, but the price they will have paid will be huge. And we will pay a massive price too if we stay silent about it. You can donate generously for the rehabilitation of the Syrian people, but more importantly you can lobby your MP and put pressure on the government to help resource the opposition.
20/05/2013 11:38 BST

Sex Grooming - Who Is Responsible for It?

I believe that British Muslim community in general and Pakistani community elders, leaders, Imams and ordinary members in particular must take an uncompromising stance in condemning such people. It is time we all made a pledge to stand together to rid our society of sexual exploitation of all kinds.
16/05/2013 16:09 BST