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Andrew Tipp

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Andrew Tipp is a writer, blogger and editor working in digital publishing. He mainly posts about tech, media and pop culture. He’s also interested in trends, memes, films, comics, gamification and zombies.

Nine Ways Gamification Could Increase Blood Donations

Only four per cent of people in the UK actually donate, and NHS Blood and Transplant reported that over the summer stocks dipped significantly. That leaves a lot of the population depending on a relatively small number of donors. So how can we encourage more people to start giving a pint of the red stuff? My suggestion is gamification.
01/10/2013 18:56 BST

Will The Hyperloop Change Our Lives?

Jetpacks. Flying cars. Hotels on the moon. Dinner in pill form. The reality of life in the early 21st Century is crushingly different to the optimistic predictions of the 1950s. But the idea of mind-blowing hyper-fast travel is something that could actually happen.
14/08/2013 14:52 BST

How Nerds Became Rock Stars

Something strange has happened. Basically, nerds rock. No, I'm not talking about how it's suddenly okay to like comics, <em>Star Trek</em> and thick-rimmed glasses. This isn't about superficial hipster geek chic. I'm talking about a genuine, meaningful cultural shift.
14/07/2013 22:52 BST

10 Hollywood Lessons on Evil Tech

Movies have always cast predictions about the future of science and technology. Sometimes they conclude that the future's bright. Exciting. But most of the time? It's bleak. There's death. Destruction. Misguided Will Smith adaptations of classic novels. The conclusion we can draw from Hollywood about futuristic tech is that it's dark, dangerous and not to be trusted.
09/07/2013 17:18 BST

Welcome to Generation Hack

You don't need to be a web trendster or pop culture vulture to recognise we're on the cusp of a new age; a fresh wave of inquisitive HTML meddlers. Never mind Generation X. Forget Generation Y. This isn't Generation Z. It's Generation Hack.
31/03/2013 18:24 BST

Is Technology Killing the Romance of Backpacking?

Twenty years ago the way you found out about your destination was to read a guide book, ask some locals or simply explore it yourself. The only way to share the experience with people back home was the occasional letter, postcard or a phone call.
07/02/2013 17:49 GMT