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Anne-Marie Imafidon

Head Stemette and 29th Most Influential Woman in IT

Anne-Marie's rather unique set of achievements include holding the current world record for the youngest girl ever to pass A-level computing (aged 11), graduating with a Masters in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oxford aged 20, and being named 'UK IT Industry Young IT Professional of the Year 2013'. She is now an Enterprise Collaboration Strategist & collaboration community manager at a global investment bank and most recently Anne-Marie has set up the Stemettes project - a bid to inspire the next generation of females into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Five Steps Men Can Take Today to Address the Lack of Women in STEM

As long as men in STEM continue to unconsciously perpetuate poor workplace habits through lack of confidence we'll have a big problem on our hands. A diverse workforce is maintained by a combination of retention, attraction and hiring of diverse talent. Improving men's willingness and ability to challenge these norms, and redefine the status quo, will help to ensure that we have a comprehensive solution.
01/05/2016 22:27 BST

29 Startups That Prove the Future of STEM Is Young Women

Passing your A-level in Computing at 11 is no mean feat, but more than a decade has passed since this happened and I'm unaware of a girl who has come up behind me. I know I'm special - but I also know I'm not *that* special.
18/08/2015 12:29 BST

The Glass Ceiling Is Made of Bad Managers

Statistics from the US tell us that more than half of women in STEM leave around the 10/15 year mark. Specifically within the tech industry 40% drop out within 10 years of graduation. The problem is mirrored here and is problematic on a number of counts, especially as both the US and the UK face shortages of technical people.
06/06/2014 12:19 BST

2014 is the UK Year of Code? Fix up!

The Year of Code campaign is a great opportunity to boost our skills gap and get children excited about what has been dubbed as the fourth literacy. It's been a great opportunity to get coding & technology back on the agenda and to highlight the vast opportunities that lie in this sector.
07/02/2014 14:21 GMT

10 Gift Ideas for Your Little Stemette This Christmas

Whether you're a little Stemette (a STEM loving girl) or have a little Stemette in your life, Christmas is the perfect time to shop around for those presents that are going to get you, or someone you know, on the path to becoming part of the next generation of girls in STEM.
13/12/2013 10:23 GMT

They Say Life Imitates Art and Art Imititates Life

I remember the feelings of elation and camaraderie when arriving at the conference and seeing the ridiculously long queue of women at the registration desk. I remember the moments of belonging when hearing about the experiences of fellow women working in technology around the world.
22/10/2013 13:55 BST